Finn Jones hinted at a possible return for Iron Fist and Luke Cage, potentially leading to a new superhero team in the MCU.
Consideration for a Heroes for Hire team, which could unite street-level heroes like Spider-Man and Punisher, seems to be in the works.
The inclusion of a more comedic tone with heroes like Deadpool and She-Hulk could address past issues with Iron Fist’s character.

Marvel’s Iron Fiststar Finn Jones recently teased his and another Marvel hero’s possible return, which could signal that the MCU is getting ready to assemble another superhero team. With the MCU planning to slow down the number of projects they’re making, but still adding new characters, more team projects would seem to be the perfect solution. This would give non-Avengers heroes a place to exist in the MCU without Marvel needing an overwhelming amount of solo projects.

Although Iron Fist was previously a member of Netflix’s Defenders team, the MCU may want to make a new team for their increasing roster of street-level heroes. There is a team in Marvel Comics that isn’t just home to Iron Fist and another possible returning hero, but also several heroes the MCU has already set up. Now that Iron Fist may be coming back, it seems like the perfect time to introduce this team to the MCU.


10 MCU Movies & TV Shows Perfect For Iron Fist’s Return

Iron Fist actor Finn Jones has recently teased his return to the MCU, and there are several upcoming and potential projects that could bring him back.

Luke Cage And Iron Fist Can Assemble The Heroes For Hire

The Heroes For Hire Was First Formed In Power Man and Iron Fist #54 (1978)

Finn Jones didn’t just tease his own return, but possibly also Luke Cage’s. The comic he shared was a late issue of Power Man and Iron Fist, where both Iron Fist and Luke Cage were already working together under the banner of Heroes for Hire, Inc. Although the issue Jones shared involved the apparent death of Iron Fist and the team being disbanded, the Heroes for Hire would later return with Jones, Cage, and more of Marvel’s heroes.

In 1997, Marvel launched a dedicated Heroes for Hire book featuring Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and other Marvel heroes. Though the team didn’t have one specific roster, Iron Fist was the co-owner of the team, making him a major player in the series. Heroes for Hire also featured a lot of Marvel heroes that have already been set up in the MCU but haven’t yet found a team to be a part of. This could make it a good choice for Marvel to adapt so they can find a home for some of the MCU’s wayward heroes.

Many Heroes For Hire Members Already Exist In The MCU

The Heroes For Hire Featured A Rotating Roster Of Heroes

The ’90s incarnation of Heroes for Hire included several MCU characters that Marvel currently doesn’t seem to have plans for. This includes She-Hulk, Hercules, and Black Knight. She-Hulk’s series doesn’t seem to be getting renewed, and the latter two heroes were teased in post-credits scenes but their return hasn’t been announced yet. Heroes for Hire would be the perfect way to bring all these heroes back in a single project.

Deadpool was also a member of the Heroes for Hire for a short time and will be making his MCU debut soon in Deadpool & Wolverine. While he isn’t a likely pick for the Avengers, he could find a home on the Heroes for Hire, especially if the team also includes She-Hulk. Scott Lang’s Ant-Man was also a member in the comics, and including another comedic actor on the roster could allow the MCU’s Heroes for Hire to be a funnier project than a typical Avengers movie.

Bringing Iron Fist back in a show could be the perfect solution to his character as well. Though Danny Rand was a little bland in Iron Fist, having him and Luke Cage serve as the more serious members of a team that includes Deadpool and She-Hulk would allow him to act as the comedic straight-person. A more comedic tone would also allow Marvel to lampshade some of the issues with Iron Fist, allowing them to laugh at their past mistakes while correcting them.

The Heroes For Hire Can Organize The MCU’s Street-Level Stories

Marvel Has Recently Increased Its Roster Of Street-Level Heroes

Aside from just being a good home for Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and some of the MCU’s other heroes, Heroes for Hire would also be a good way for Marvel to unite its street-level heroes. Echo set up that Kingpin will be trying to become the mayor of New York, and it will likely take a team of heroes to take him down. Aside from Daredevil, most of the MCU’s street-level heroes – like Spider-Man, Moon Knight, the Punisher, and Shang-Chi – have all been members at one point.

Other Netflix characters that haven’t been re-introduced to the MCU have also been members of the Heroes for Hire. This includes Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, and Elektra. If Marvel decides to bring more of them back, they could help fill out the roster. It seems unlikely Marvel would bring back Finn Jones for another season of Iron Fist, but a Heroes for Hire adaptation would make a lot of sense for the current MCU.

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