There are few weapons or artifacts in the Marvel Universe that can match the sheer power of the Infinity Gauntlet when it’s housing all six Infinity Stones, though there is something that’s the Infinity Gauntlet’s exact equal: the Infinity Collar – making it just as dangerous as the very weapon Thanos first introduced in his most impactful storyline to date.

The Infinity Gauntlet made its Marvel Comics debut in the appropriately titled event, Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin and Geroge P?rez. It’s a large glove made from uru metal with the capacity to channel immense levels of energy, as it was specifically designed to withstand the power generated from using all six Infinity Stones at once. Thanos wielded the Infinity Gauntlet before he lost it to Adam Warlock, who then dispersed the Infinity Stones among his newfound team of heroes collectively known as the Infinity Watch. Since then, the Infinity Gauntlet has made appearances here and there throughout Marvel Comics canon, and has even taken a number of different forms when considering the alternate realities within Marvel’s multiverse that have their own ‘Infinity Gauntlet’. However, the Infinity Collar definitely stands out as being the oddest, as it is quite literally a dog collar that houses all six Infinity Stones and can be used hands-free.

In Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #4 by Chris Eliopoulos and Ig Guara, the Pet Avengers are tasked with collecting the Infinity Stones before Thanos does, as the Mad Titan evidently wants another shot at using them to conquer the universe (and/or court Mistress Death). When the Pet Avengers collect the last Gem, Thanos arrives at their location and immediately launches an attack. After Thanos proved his dominance, the Pet Avengers decided to hand over the Gems. However, when Lockjaw had all six collected in his collar, the Inhuman canine was able to utilize the power of all of them combined through his newly-formed Infinity Collar, which made the Pet Avengers more than a match for Thanos.

While Thanos himself didn’t have an Infinity Gauntlet with which to battle Lockjaw and his Infinity Collar, it is interesting that the one time the Infinity Collar is used in-canon is in a successfully won battle against Thanos. Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet are practically synonymous, so using an alternate version of the Infinity Gauntlet against him is almost like a meta-statement, as if to stress the comparable power of the Infinity Collar by showing how easily it took down the Infinity Gauntlet’s original wielder.

Though despite potential meta-commentary or underlying themes of succession when it comes to powerful artifacts in the Marvel Universe and who wields them, the main takeaway from this comic series is the cold fact that the Infinity Collar is something that exists. Not only that, but the very nature of its existence means it is on-par with the likes of ThanosInfinity Gauntlet, and fans will just have to come to terms with the fact that the Infinity Collar – a weapon that essentially turns its wielder into a cosmic god – was literally designed to be used by a dog.

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