Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur season 2 will premiere on Disney XD and Disney+ in 2024, following the critical success of the first season. The returning cast includes Diamond White and Fred Tatasciore reprising their roles as the main characters, along with Alfre Woodard and Laurence Fishburne. The new season will explore the consequences of Moon Girl’s superhero identity clashing with her personal life, and may further connect to the wider MCU, possibly including references to Wakanda.

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a mixed track record with live-action Disney+ originals, the animated series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur has been a critical success for Marvel, and it returns with a second season in 2024, as has been revealed by a new trailer. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur season 2 is currently set to premiere on Disney XD on 2 February, 2024, followed by its Disney+ debut a day later. As Moon Girl is the MCU’s youngest hero, her continued story offers a lot of potential for the franchise’s future, even if the show isn’t a part of the main MCU timeline.

After the debut season gained overwhelmingly positive reactions from critics and scoring a certified 100% Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur season 2 reunites The X-Factor ex-contestant Diamond White with voice acting veteran Fred Tatasciore to play the eponymous protagonists. Also returning to the ensemble are Alfre Woodard as Lunella’s grandmother Mimi and executive producer Laurence Fishburne as the mischievous trickster The Beyonder. There is bound to be much anticipation for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur season 2, given the previous season’s thrilling awards run at the Children’s and Family Emmys, where it won five Emmy awards out of eight nominations.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur season 1ended on a cliffhanger, with Lunella waking up in a void uncertain of where she was. As such, season 2’s plot will no doubt address her whereabouts in this dimension and her subsequent adventures once she gets back to Earth. The official synopsis of the new season of the show mentions that Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are “in their element as superheroes” but that Moon Girl’s “superhero-ing” conflicts with her personal life. Like many other Marvel superheroes, Moon Girl must decide if the pressure of keeping her superhero persona a secret is worth the emotional toll it brings upon herself and those near to her.

Even if Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur isn’t directly connected to the MCU, it has made references to MCU movies, and could well continue to expand on its links with the mainline MCU based on season 1’s success. This seems especially possible given Lunella appears to use a Wakandan greeting when meeting a character in the trailer, suggesting the second season may provide some more details about Wakanda and its citizens, prior to the impending Black Panther spinoff shows. As for the returning characters, the trailer promises hilarious moments from Lufetta’s friends, family, and, of course, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur themselves.

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