In a turn of events for Marvel fans, Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, famously known as Ghost-Spider, is set to become a permanent resident of the iconic 616 universe. With a slew of successful solo series and notable appearances on both the big and small screens, Ghost-Spider has emerged as one of Marvel’s standout heroes of the decade.

In April, a highly anticipated run of Spider-Gwen: The Ghost-Spider will mark Gwen’s transition into the main Marvel Universe. The move, orchestrated by the dynamic duo of rising Marvel Comics stars, writer Stephanie Phillips (Capwolf & the Howling Commandos) and artist Chris Campana (Red Goblin), promises to bring a fresh and exciting era for the beloved character.

The narrative kicks off with Gwen finding herself mysteriously trapped in the 616 universe, setting the stage for a captivating exploration of her struggles to adapt to a world that is not her own. As New York’s newest superhero, Ghost-Spider will grapple with new enemies and forge new alliances, all while confronting the tragic legacy of the 616 universe’s own Gwen Stacy.

Gwen’s relocation from Earth-65 to the 616 universe raises intriguing questions. Why did she leave her original dimension? Why must her fellow Spider-Heroes remain oblivious to her presence? And why is she advised against donning her superhero suit? The answers to these questions are poised to unfold in the upcoming series, promising readers a riveting and unpredictable journey.

Stephanie Phillips, the talented writer behind the new Spider-Gwen ongoing, expressed her excitement about shaping Gwen’s next chapter. Reflecting on a moment where she encountered a young girl dressed as Gwen on Halloween, Phillips remarked, “It was kind of a surreal moment to realize that I get to be a part of Gwen’s next big chapter, bringing her into the 616 and giving readers stories that make us rethink who Gwen is and what her role is within this new universe.”

Collaborating with Phillips, artist Chris Campana shared his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Stephanie’s writing allows for a ton of artistic freedom, while providing a great framework to work inside of. I was onboard the moment I heard she was attached.” Campana further emphasized the joy of drawing Gwen, highlighting the character’s significance in Spider history and the artistic freedom her suit and character offer.

The storyline promises to delve into the complexities of Gwen’s character, with mysteries surrounding her presence in the 616 universe and the potential consequences of her actions. Fans can catch a glimpse of the upcoming series through superstar artist Mark Brooks’ cover.

As the anticipation builds, Marvel enthusiasts are encouraged to stay tuned for more updates on Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider at

 In a turn of events for Marvel fans, Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, famously known as Ghost-Spider, is set to become a permanent resident of the iconic 616  Read More