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(Image credit: Arkane)

Arkane has released new concept art for Marvel’s Blade, and it’s only going to make the wait for the game harder.

We don’t know much about the new Arkane Lyon game so far, but we know it’s got some utterly stunning concept art. Just below, you can see three pieces of artwork produced by Sergey Kolesov and Jean-Luc Monnet for Marvel’s Blade, and each one looks just gorgeous.

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The first alludes to a slightly futuristic setting for Arkane Lyon’s game. The barges floating just over the rooftops of Paris bring to mind Cyberpunk 2077‘s massive flying billboards – only it looks like these flying vehicles serve a much more sinister purpose than advertising.

The second piece of artwork looks like Blade’s planning on getting into a shadowy club by any means necessary. If you’ve seen the original Wesley Snipes-led Blade movie, I know there’s one scene in particular that’s probably jumping to the forefront of your mind right now. Could the blood showers be making a comeback?

The third bit of concept art shows the Paris metro system, and it makes a lot of sense that there’d be vampires hiding out here. Paris might have 2,000-odd miles of horrifying catacombs nestled underneath it, but clearly these vampires didn’t feel like hanging out down there.

As I mentioned previously, we know next to nothing about Marvel’s Blade right now, so even the smallest details like these pieces of artwork is welcome information. We know the new Arkane game will be a single-player immersive third-person action game, which sounds like music to the ears of this Dishonored veteran.

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