Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch has easily become one of Marvel’s most popular female superheroes, as fans eagerly follow her stories both on the screen and in the comics. This summer, she is set to get the spotlight once again with the launch of a new Scarlet Witch ongoing series. The book will be written by Steve Orlando, who penned the previous incarnation of Scarlet Witch as well as the currently-running Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver miniseries, with Jacopo Camagni (X-Men Red) on the art.

In addition to main covers from Russell Dauterman, it has now been revealed that Scarlet Witch #1 will have variant covers from Jenny Frison and P. Craig Russell. You can check out the first look at both below.

Wanda Maximoff’s mystical might is unleashed in the new ‘Scarlet Witch’ #1 Variant Covers, coming this June. Read more now: https://t.co/KsN6OBIdGE pic.twitter.com/j9LGJIuCaW

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel)

April 3, 2024

What Is the New Scarlet Witch Series About?

In Scarlet Witch, the Scarlet Witch has carved out a haven for herself in upstate New York, but it’s all about to go up in flames. Wanda’s newfound peace has drawn the wrath of a primal force unlike anything she’s ever faced before, and it won’t stop until it razes Wanda’s world to the ground. It’s a clash of titans as Wanda and her allies fight for all she holds dear! What happens when an unstoppable force meets the end of all things? When pure chaos meets pure destruction? Wanda’s about to find out – if she survives long enough.

“The news is out and I couldn’t be more excited!” Orlando shared in a statement. “SCARLET WITCH has been a dream job, and getting to return to her once again and continue Wanda’s adventures is something I could never say no to. And Wanda’s going to keep climbing! Here, we’ll be bringing the blockbuster storytelling of SCARLET WITCH AND QUICKSILVER to the focused, personal journey Wanda began in DARKHOLD and SCARLET WITCH. And standing in her way? Only one of Marvel’s most powerful and climactic entities, bent on destroying everything Wanda stands for.”

Will Scarlet Witch Return to the MCU?

At the time of this writing, Elizabeth Olsen is not yet confirmed to be reprising her role as Scarlet Witch in the MCU. Still, the actress has cited specific storylines she would love to tackle in the event of her return.

“I think fans usually have the best ideas and I genuinely don’t know where we go from here and what the limitations are of the MCU because I don’t follow what their plans are,” Olsen told ComicBook.com. “I feel like the fans always know what the plans are, even when they’re not announced. And so, I don’t. I do have this image…. There are a few images in my head of, I think they’re from ‘Witches Road,’ as she’s aging and decaying, while using her power and there’s something in that, this older woman, who’s aging from her power, that I’m interested in. And I don’t really know what that means, but I kind of would love to be old.”

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Scarlet Witch #1 will be released wherever comics are sold on June 12th.

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