Marvel continues to slowly release information about its X-Men linewide relaunch, collectively referred to as “From the Ashes,” which shows the X-Men moving on from the Krakoan Age (where nearly all of the mutants on Earth were living together on the mutant nation of Krakoa, as well as the mutant planet known as Arakko, formerly known as Mars). Marvel has previously announced the three “core”X-Men books, but there are still six satellite books to be announced, and Marvel has released teasers for three of the “satellite” books.

The teasers they released today show the logos for X-Force, Phoenix, and NYX, and hint at more information being revealed about each of these titles later in the week.


Uncanny X-Men to Introduce Four New Mutants to the Series

In a recent convention appearance discussing her Uncanny X-Men run, Gail Simone revealed she will be introducing four new mutants in the series

Which former X-Man is behind the new X-Force?

Hot off of his starring role in the current X-Men ’97 storyline, former X-Man Forge is apparently going to be the mutant who is behind the newest version of X-Force. Forge, of course, is a mutant with the ability to create almost anything with his mind. Here, then, the argument is that his mind has found a problem with the world that he thinks he can fix, and he needs a team of mutants to do so.

Besides a stint with the X-Men (after he and Banshee put the team back together after they split up following a period where the team was located in Australia), Forge has also been a member of X-Factor and a previous version of X-Force led by Cable. That stint with X-Force followed a period where Forge had gone insane, and his ability to try to “fix” things had turned him into essentially a villain, so that is a risk he’ll likely have to face with this new X-Force, as well.

What is the premise of NYX?

In a recent Den of Geek interview, Brevoort explained one of the main aspects of “From the Ashes,” which is that the X-Men have to start interacting with humans again, “All of the assorted mutants of the world need to go and reintegrate back into the rest of the planet and live and coexist alongside a whole bunch of people that they just spent the last five years saying that they were the new inheritors of the future and that you have new gods now. People around the planet have not taken that message to heart in a purely positive fashion.”

NYX was a series from the early 2000s about a group of mutants living in New York City, and this new series seems to be along that same lines, working hand in hand with Brevoort’s comments about mutants being more integrated with humanity in this new relaunch.


Marvel Reveals First Look at New X-Men Series

Ryan Stegman, the artist on Marvel’s upcoming X-Men relaunch, shared a first look at two pages of his art for the series

One of the major plot points of The Fall of X has been Jean Grey’s murder at the Hellfire Gala, and her long road back from her death. This puts her into a very precarious position when it comes to this new relaunch, as there really are so many different ways that Marvel can go with the character.

It seems that this upcoming Phoenix series will be stressing how much she often stands apart from a crowd, as it were, as a mutant who is also a cosmic being.

We will know more about all three titles later this week.

Source: Marvel

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