Marvel laid off a number of employees Monday afternoon, affecting both the company’s West Coast Marvel Studios division, as well as its East Coast operations, which had previously operated under the Marvel Entertainment banner, Popverse can confirm.

Overall, 15 employees were impacted by the layoffs, which reportedly resulted in part from Marvel Studios and other Disney divisions integrating responsibilities that had previously been handled solely by Marvel Entertainment. That wasn’t the sole reason for this round of cuts, however, as the new focus on a reduced production slate in the wake of external and internal criticism to its recent output also resulted in a number of small cuts inside the production and development side of Marvel Studios.

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Disney announced in March 2023 that Marvel Entertainment had been declared “redundant” inside the larger Disney corporate structure, and as such “would be folded into larger Disney business units.” The announcement followed the layoff of longterm Marvel chairman Ike Perlmutter, in addition to other high-level Marvel executives, including Marvel Entertainment co-president Rob Steffens and the company’s chief counsel John Turitzin.

In the months that followed, Marvel had notably reduced activities across its company including closing the Marvel Comics app and significantly reducing the number of staff tasked with content creation for digital use, including those producing Marvel-branded podcasts.

Reports suggest that no further layoffs are expected at Marvel in the near future.

Marvel has not responded to a request for comment on the layoffs.

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“}]] Marvel is the latest entertainment company to be hit with layoffs, with 15 employees across the company leaving as a result of cutbacks.  Read More