Marvel Snap publisher Nuverse is potentially facing closure, according to reports that its owner, ByteDance, is planning to withdraw from the gaming market altogether. Naturally, this may make people concerned about the superhero card game’s future, but developer Second Dinner says that Marvel Snap will continue and “flourish” even if Nuverse disappears.

Marvel Snap hit its full release in August, combining the deck building mechanics of card games like Slay the Spire with an enormous cast of heroes including Iron Man, Deadpool, Venom, and Wolverine. While Marvel Snap is just hitting full stride after the 1.0 launch, reports have emerged that ByteDance, the TikTok creator that owns Nuverse, is planning to shutter its videogame publishing wing and exit the market entirely.

Various sources tell Reuters that ByteDance is looking to restructure its entire business following a recent review, and close Nuverse down. “We regularly review our businesses and make adjustments to center on long-term strategic growth areas,” a spokesperson says. “Following a recent review, we’ve made the difficult decision to restructure our gaming business.”

Naturally, this may make Marvel Snap fans concerned about the future of the card game. But developer Second Dinner has posted a statement saying that one way or another, Marvel Snap is going to be fine.

“Some of our players have expressed their concerns regarding reported structural changes at Nuverse,” the developer says. “We wish to thank you for your concern and assure you that regardless of any changes at Nuverse, Snap will continue to operate and flourish in the future.”

Whether this means finding a new publisher or continuing the game independently is unclear. Nevertheless, it would seem that changes to Nuverse will not directly affect Marvel Snap.

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 Marvel Snap publisher Nuverse is potentially being closed down, but the superhero card game’s developer says we don’t need to worry.  Read More