The MCU has set up a way for Thanos to potentially return through the DNA serum introduced in Secret Invasion, which collected DNA from the Battle of Earth. Thanos’ DNA could be extracted from the serum, allowing someone to potentially recreate him and bring him back to the MCU. While it may be exciting for fans to see Thanos return, it may not be a good idea as it would undermine the conclusion of the Infinity Saga and prevent the focus on new characters in the MCU.

The Infinity Saga may have marked the end of Thanos’ reign, but there is still a way for the MCU to bring him back after Phase 6. The Mad Titan was the MCU’s looming threat for over a decade. After spending the duration of the Infinity Saga collecting the MCU’s Infinity Stones, he was able to execute his plan of wiping out half the universe in Avengers: Infinity War. However, Thanos ultimately meant his own fate in Endgame as he was ironically snapped away himself.

Instead of just simply defeating him, Thanos’ death needed to happen as he was such a huge presence. With that version of Thanos gone without question, the MCU can fully move on into the Multiverse Saga. He is definitely not a threat that needs to be worried about anymore, though the MCU has proven time and time again that no character must ever stay dead. Phase 5 has secretly introduced one way that characters can return to the MCU, including Thanos.

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Secret Invasion Proved Thanos Can Return In The MCU

Despite the lackluster response to its release, Secret Invasion set up the MCU’s future in big ways. One of the show’s biggest reveals was the Harvest, a DNA serum orchestrated by Nick Fury. After the Battle of Earth, Fury sent his team of Skrulls to collect DNA from the battleground, harvesting all the DNA in a single vial. Fury’s decision is undoubtedly a controversial one, but it could be the key to bringing back dead characters like Thanos.

Based on files shown in Secret Invasion and G’iah and Gravik’s final battle, plenty of MCU characters’ DNA can be confirmed to be included in the Harvest. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t more characters included. Fury stated that everyone shed blood in the Battle of Earth, and there’d be no way for his Skrull team to identify whose blood was whose. Thanos’ blood would’ve had to be caught up in the mix somewhere, meaning it’s a very big possibility that his DNA is in the Harvest and his powers could be extracted from it in the future.

Where Could Thanos Return In The MCU?

G’iah and Gravik effortlessly switched between powers during their battle, and it makes the idea of Thanos’ DNA being in the Harvest all the more terrifying. Though most viewers remember Thanos’ powers as they were with the Infinity Stones, he was still an incredibly strong individual without them. If G’iah or another Skrull were to gain some of Thanos’ DNA, it would mark a return for Thanos to the MCU in a way. Secret Invasion’s ending saw US President Ritson declaring war on the Skrulls, they’ll have to make a return to the MCU eventually. A Skrull-focused future MCU project could be how Thanos is re-introduced.

Thanos could even return to the MCU without any intervention from the Skrulls. The fact that his DNA is in the Harvest vial is already enough to work with, and someone could potentially extract Thanos’ DNA from it. Technology in the MCU has proven to be advanced and considering that Tony Stark was able to figure out time travel on his own, there has to be a character out there in the MCU who could figure out the recreation of an individual. The “re-birth” of Thanos is an obscure plot that is likely not a priority to Marvel, but nothing is impossible with the endless possibilities of Phase 7.

Why Thanos Shouldn’t Return In The MCU

It may be rewarding for loyal MCU fans to see the original Infinity Saga villain appear after so many years, but it’s ultimately not a good idea for Thanos to return. The Infinity Saga and his reign are well over, and the MCU would benefit from not dwelling on the past and focusing on the plenty of new characters they have yet to introduce. Even if Thanos were to return in a small role, it would almost cheat Endgame’s conclusion in a way. With so many sacrificing so much to take down the mad Titan, it’d be a slap in the face for him to just return with no rhyme or reason.

Secret Invasion’s DNA twist can be considered one of the more shocking reveals in recent MCU history, especially coming from a trusted character like Nick Fury. It opens the door for characters whose DNA are in the vial to return to the MCU in some capacity, including Thanos. Though the Mad Titan’s return isn’t exactly necessary at this point, the MCU’s set-up makes a Thanos appearance completely possible beyond Phase 6.

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