Sony‘s upcoming Spider-Man spin-off, Madame Web, has a canon problem. The Marvel project seems to be in flux with reshoots attempting to fix a timeline that was broken by carelessness.

For background, it was stated that Madame Web took place in the nineties.

According to The Hot Mic podcast with John Rocha and Jeff Sneider, Madame Web is rumored to have reshot scenes to fix its timeline. Sony allegedly wanted Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker to be the film’s Spider-Man (Sneider noted that Garfield wasn’t necessarily supposed to be in the film, though). However, they then settled on Tom Holland’s portrayal of the character.

This presented a massive issue. Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man largely takes place in modern day (though Homecoming featured its own timeline flub). So in turn, Madame Web had to undergo reshoots to “remove all the nineties references from the movie because someone f**ked up on doing the math,” Sneider revealed. “I would just say that when Madame Web comes out, don’t expect any nineties references.

Madame Web is the latest installment in Sony’ s Spider-Man universe. It follows Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson) who helps a trio of young women with powers. Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, and Isabela Merced star in the film as the three young women. Tahara Rahim, Emma Roberts, and Adam Scott will also be in the film.

Sony’s Spider-Man universe is separate from Marvel Studios’ MCU. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker teamed up with the Avengers and led three solo films in the MCU.

The other three films in Sony’s universe include the two Venom movies — which grossed over $1.3 billion — and Morbius. Coming up, they have Madame Web, Kraven the Hunter, and Venom 3 on the way.

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