The following contains spoilers for X-Men #27, on sale now.

One of the most devastating aspects of the Fall of X for Marvel’s mutants is that there is so much mystery involved in what happened to the mutants who didn’t escape with Emma Frost during the attack on the Hellfire Gala. When the anti-mutant organization, Orchis, attacked the X-Men at their annual celebration, Charles Xavier was forced by Orchis to use his powers to make the vast majority of the 200,000 mutants on Krakoa travel through teleportation gates. They then vanished, with Xavier believing they were all dead (they’re not actually dead, just scattered across the Marvel Universe). Now, the mutants who were able to resist Xavier forcing them through the gates (and then escaped with Emma Frost’s help) are serving as the X-Men, and part of their new mission is finding out who else survived the new “Mutant Massacre.”

In this week’s X-Men #27 (by writer Gerry Duggan, artist Phil Noto and letterer Clayton Cowles), Shadowkat breaks into Orchis headquarters, and discovers two notable mutants aren’t actually dead, but one of them might WISH he was!

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Who surprisingly survived the Orchis attack at the Hellfire Gala?

Shadowkat was first shocked to discover that Juggernaut survived the Orchis attack on the Hellfire Gala. Juggernaut had just been voted in as a member of the newly formed public-facing X-Men team (the real life public got to vote on who would become the new team, but the twist was that while Juggernaut won the fan vote, ALL the options were made members of the team) just in time for most of the new team to be killed by Nimrod, the powerful mutant-hunting sentinel who is part of Orchis.

Nimrod and Juggernaut had an epic battle at the Gala, and it seemed as though Nimrod killed him, as well, but we now learn that he survived, but has been taken captive by Orchis. Not only is hs being held captive, but that he is tied to another prisoner of Orchis’, so that if he escaped, his escape would kill the other prisoner.

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What has Orchis done to Cyclops in his captivity?

That other prisoner is none other than the X-Men leader, Cyclops, who we seemingly saw die in the first look at the Fall of X this year, in Marvel’s 2023 Free Comic Book Day Special. However, this issue makes it clear that Cyclops survived, as well, but it also being held captive by Orchis.

Besides the disturbing fact that his eyes have been sewed shut to keep his force beams from escaping his eyes, but Cyclops’ entire body has been booby trapped, so that anyone who tried to rescue him would set off bombs, killing Cyclops and whoever was there to rescue him. For now, then, Shadowkat had to leave him in Orchis custody while the X-Men figure out what other mutants have survived, and how they can free Cyclops. Shadowkat did at least release Juggernaut’s collar, so that if he leaves his cell, he will no longer kill Cyclops in the process.

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 During the Fall of X, a number of X-Men have been lost, and feared dead. In this week’s issue of X-Men, the fate of two X-Men were revealed  Read More