The Marvel Cinematic Universe is somewhat in shambles right now, though fans don’t want it to give up on Kang as the main villain.


Since his introduction in the first season of the Disney+ show Loki, Kang hasn’t quite lived up to the previous threats The Avengers have faced, namely Thanos.

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So far, (mild MCU spoilers ahead) Kang has announced himself as the mastermind behind the main Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline before it split off into the multiverse, gotten bodied by ants in Antman: Quantunmania, and in the latest season of Loki, got bodied again, with Loki seemingly taking the place of He Who Remains as the one overseeing the multiverse’s various timelines.

It’s all very confusing and timey wimey at the moment, though there’s speculation that Marvel will be scrapping Kang as the next big threat, and replacing him with fan-favourite villain Doctor Doom, who’s arguably more dangerous.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but some fans really aren’t fond of the idea, and are now pleading with Marvel to continue Kang’s story and give him the time he needs to shine.


In a very long Reddit thread, Marvel fan UnXpectedPrequelMeme said: “Please don’t replace Kang. I’m just now starting to get why he’s so cool.”

They went on to explain how they knew nothing of Kang’s story, and so didn’t know anything about the character apart from “what he looked like in the comics which was…not cool.” The fan began to understand him more after Loki and Antman: Quantunmania, saying they realised how “terrifying” he could be as a villain, especially given how many versions of him there are to fight.

Other fans agreed, with many believing he’s becoming way more interesting with the more variants we see. One said: “I agree, after [season two of] Loki, I’m very intrigued.”


Another added: “Honestly, replacing Kang with Doom is a stupidly huge move. Reducing Doom to a spare Kang, to a mere back up plan… that should be a crime.” Finally one said: “Even if they ruined Kang, I don’t want them to rush Doom as the replacement.”

Again, Kang’s replacement as the next Avengers level threat is purely rumour and speculation, meaning it’s very likely we’ll see him grow into the villain he’s meant to be.

 The Marvel Cinematic Universe is reportedly in shambles right now, though fans don’t want it to give up on Kang as the main villain.  Read More