Fans are eager to see mutants in the MCU and have been waiting for their introduction since Disney acquired Fox Studios. There are hints that mutants already exist in the MCU. The MCU should focus on introducing new faces and characters to give a fresh take on the mutants.

Fans have been eager to see mutants in the MCU since they received word that Disney bought out Fox Studios, where the cinematic rights for the characters existed. Ever since Disney’s acquisition of the studio, Marvel has left X-gene-sized breadcrumbs throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with Ms. Marvel. Now, with The Marvels, which sees Carol Danvers team up with Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan, premiering on November 10, 2023, there are further hints that mutants already exist within the MCU in some capacity

Eagle-eyed fans spotted a potential cameo from a familiar character in the newest trailer for The Marvels, leading them to believe the MCU is making a mistake. Fans want to see a fresh take on the mutants when they appear in the MCU. However, Kevin Feige might have a difficult time letting go of the actors that have become synonymous with their X-Men characters. They do, after all, ensure fans will show up to the theaters.

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Marvel Appears set to Integrate the Fox X-Men Universe

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The X-Men is easily Marvel’s most popular property, seeing as how even non-comic book fans have heard the name and almost anyone knows the name Wolverine. The characters only grew in popularity after Fox acquired the cinematic rights and produced the first movie directed by Bryan Singer. That movie alone spawned five sequels, not counting all of the spin-offs like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Logan. Fans loved the movies despite them failing many different creative ways. Rogue, for example, not having super strength or the ability to fly took some adjustment.

Needless to say, fans were excited when Disney bought out Fox Studios and reacquired the rights to the mutant characters. They’ve been waiting on bated breath for the MCU to introduce any mutant. They got their wish when Miss Marvel ended with the bombshell that the titular character carried the mutant gene, changing her origin from the comics. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever followed shortly after and introduced another well-known mutant from the comics: Namor. However, it seems that Marvel is all too ready to reintroduce Fox’s X-Men characters rather than cast new actors in the roles.

It was a fun cameo, but Fox’s mutants returning started with Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness when Sir Patrick Stewart glided on screen as Professor Charles Xavier. Now there’s the latest trailer for The Marvels that has sent fans into a frenzy after noticing little hints scattered throughout. First, there’s the all too familiar stylized “X” in the bottom corner of a medical monitor. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Some fans believe they’ve spotted a specific mutant from the Fox movies walk across the screen in one scene of the trailer. Around the 1:45 mark, a figure in a monochrome suit walks by who fans claim bears a striking resemblance to Halle Berry’s Storm from Singer’s X-Men. Furthermore, Hugh Jackman is reprising his Wolverine role in Deadpool 3.

Marvel Studios Should Have Created its own X-Men

Marvel needs a clean slate for the MCU’s mutants. Fox’s biggest mistake with the X-Men was repeatedly reusing the same characters. When the studio took a chance and introduced a new character, they didn’t spend enough time developing them or they recast them for the next movie. The only time fans have seen an actor reprise their role as Colossus was in the Deadpool movies. Instead, fans saw Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Rogue, Magneto, and Professor Xavier in the spotlight in almost every installment. It even appeared that Wolverine was the main character in each movie until First Class.

Sure, Deadpool 3 will be a large sendoff for the X-Men from Fox Studios, clearing the way for mutants in the MCU. However, there are rumors that many actors from Singer’s X-Men movies are going to appear in Avengers: Secret Wars. That’s a mistake. The MCU has done a wonderful job introducing B-list characters to a broader audience and turning them into household names. They should do the same with the mutants. Instead of bringing back familiar faces, the MCU should devote its time to introducing new faces. Not just actors but characters, too.

Shang-Chi and The Guardians of the Galaxy are beloved characters worldwide because of the MCU. It’s not only a matter of getting them to that broader audience, it’s about their treatment. The MCU is the place where obscure comic book characters can shine. Furthermore, waiting to bring in familiar characters gives fans a good palate cleanser. The time for the Avengers is nearly at its end. Audiences clearly want something new and the MCU’s future lies with mutants. Fans shouldn’t go into one of the first mutant movies thinking, “Great, this guy again.”


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