Jeff the Land Shark is about to be the next victim of Venom War. The symbiote-fueled event of 2024 will pit father vs. son, as Eddie and Dylan Brock go to war over who is the one, true Lethal Protector. Venom War will stretch its tendrils across the Marvel Universe, with several miniseries and tie-ins already announced. Marvel isn’t limiting Venom War to just Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, however, as Marvel’s goodest boy Jeff the Land Shark joins the festivities. Fans have witnessed Jeff the Land Shark’s adventures in the Infinity Comics on Marvel Unlimited, but his next big quest takes place inside the Venom War event.

ComicBook can exclusively reveal Venom War: It’s Jeff #1 by writer Kelly Thompson and artist Gurihiru. The fan-favorite creative team is behind It’s Jeff‘s hit Infinity Comic, and according to Thompson, they’re excited to continue their collaboration while getting to work with some surprising guest stars. 

“It’s pure joy to work with Gurihiru on anything, and our It’s Jeff collaborations are always extra fun,” Thompson said in a statement. “But I confess that getting the chance to tell a longer and more complex story — with an all-star supporting cast in Kate Bishop, Gwenpool, and American Chavez — was an unexpected treat. And seeing another side of Jeff in this story as we do, felt like a really fun expansion of the character.”

What is Venom War: It’s Jeff #1 about?

(Photo: Cover for Venom War: It’s Jeff #1 – Marvel Comics)

The description for Venom War: It’s Jeff #1 reads, “WHAT’S EATING JEFF…AND WHAT’S JEFF EATING?!? That’s right—the crossover event of the summer finally reaches the real star of Marvel Comics—Jeff the Land Shark! When Jeff’s night of fun is interrupted by the madness of the Venom War, is Marvel’s goodest boy going to be able to keep his cool? Or…will he give in to the symbiote’s temptations and EAT SOMEONE’S BRAINS?!?! The team behind the hit Infinity Comic brings us an over-sized all-new tale of the world’s cutest predator!”

The cover by Gurihiru features Jeff sitting by a mirror on the floor, looking at different superhero costumes to try on. In Jeff’s fins are Spider-Man’s costume, and we can see costumes for Captain America, Wolverine, Deadpool, the Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel, Thor, Gwenpool, and Black Panther. However, lurking behind Jeff is a Venom symbiote ready to devour our favorite shark.

What is Marvel’s Venom War about?

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

“LAST VENOM STANDING! The Venom Symbiote has bonded with both Eddie Brock and his son Dylan at different points. Now both Brocks are going head-to-head, determined to be the one, true Venom!” Marvel’s description of Venom War reads. “Father versus son in a showdown of showdowns that threatens to tear the world asunder! From heavyweight talent champions Ewing and Coello comes a Battle for the ‘Biote like you’ve never seen!”

“This is what we’ve been building to since the start of this wild and way-out symbiote odyssey – the fateful confrontation between father and son!” Venom writer Al Ewing explained. “Where better to have it than inside the squared circle? And who better to bring this all-action epic to the page with than my old buddy Iban Coello? I’m tellin’ ya, goo believer — this is vehemently varied Venom violence like never viewed, and only one host can wear the symbiote when the dust settles! Who’s it gonna be?”

 Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru reunite for a new Jeff the Land Shark tie-in for Venom War.  Read More