Recently, Marvel revealed that Zeb Wells would be finishing his run as the writer on Amazing Spider-Man, and it then appeared to suggest that Joe Kelly would be following Wells as the next Amazing Spider-Man writer. That might still hold true, but in the meantime, Marvel has announced a shocking new storyline called The Eight Deaths of Spider-Man, a ten-part Amazing Spider-Man event that will be written by Kelly and Justina Ireland, with artwork by Ed McGuinness, Gleb Melnikov, and more. Whether Kelly continues as the new writer on Amazing Spider-Man past this story or not remains uncertain (back when Nick Spencer left Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel first did a “transitory” storyline with different writers before Zeb Wells took over as the new writer on the relaunched series, so this could be a similar situation).

The new storyline was teased in this week’s surprise release of Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu #0, suggesting that the powerful magical being, Cyttorak, could be involved in Spider-Man dying and being resurrected at least eight times.


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What past Spider-Man stories have Joe Kelly and Justina Ireland written?

Joe Kelly was a member of the Spider-Man “Brain Trust” back when Amazing Spider-Man spent two years with a rotating group of writers on the series. Kelly memorably did a revamp of the Rhino for the series. Kelly also helped launch a Spider-Man/Deadpool ongoing series (Kelly’s most famous comic book work is likely his work on Deadpool’s first ongoing series back in 1997). Ed McGuinness, who is working on the artwork for this story arc, famously was the initial artist on Kelly’s Deadpool run (the series made both the writer and artists major players at Marvel).

Justina Ireland is an acclaimed science fiction novelist who recently made her Marvel debut on a number of Star Wars projects, including the Star Wars: Sana Starros miniseries. Most recently, she has been writing the Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt miniseries, tying Spider-Man into the current Blood Hunt crossover. That series obviously ties into the magical side of the Marvel Universe, making Ireland a perfect fit for this story.


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How did this week’s Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu set up this story?

In a back-up story in this week’s Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu #0, Joe Kelly, Emilio Laiso, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Cory Petit, did a back-up story where a now-freed Khonshu berates the magical being known as Cyttorak (the being behind Juggernaut’s power, as well as Doctoe Strange’s Crimson Bands of Cyttorak).

At the end of Khonshu’s confrontation with Cyttorak, it appears as though the “Blood Moon” will have a more literal meaning in this upcoming storyline, and Spider-Man might be the one who gets bloody the most. Time will tell, though, when the storyline comes out.

Meanwhile, Marvel threw in a tease that while Zeb Wells is leaving Amazing Spider-Man, it is possible that John Romita Jr. might still be sticking around for whatever happens after the Eight Deaths of Spider-Man, noting in a press release, “And to discover what comes next for John Romita Jr. and Amazing Spider-Man, KEEP READING, TRUE BELIEVER!”

Source: Marvel

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