Halloween is typically associated with candy, but there are other treats that one might get. One of these is comic books, thanks to the Trick-or-Read program. Marvel Comics has announced five titles that will be reprinted in 2024, as part of the initiative.

Born of the same spirit as Free Comic Book Day, Trick-or-Read is a community event based around encouraging literacy in young readers. It is also an excellent promotional opportunity for the participating publishers and comic shops. While most of the comics are appropriate for all-ages, there are some that are aimed at older kids.

The five titles Marvel Comics is reprinting for Trick-or-Read 2024 are listed below, with their covers on display.

(Image Source: Marvel/ Alex Ross)

Fantastic Four: The Dinosaur Fantastic Four #1 reprints Fantastic Four (2022) #13. Written by Ryan North, with art by Iban Coello, this issue teams the First Family of Marvel Comics with their variants from a dinosaur dimension. Both teams join together after meeting through an incursion point. Unfortunately, a similar portal unites both versions of Doctor Doom.

(Image Source: Marvel / Humberto Ramos)

Spider-Boy: The Web-less Wonder #1 reprints Spider-Boy #1. Writer Dan Slott and artist Paco Medina introduce Bailey Briggs, a young hero who claims to be the long-lost sidekick of Spider-Man. This Marvel Comics series finds Bailey exploring the mysteries of his past, while trying to build a new future.

(Image Source: Marvel / Bryan Hitch)

Written by Al Ewing, with art by Cafu, Venom: Bedlam #1 reprints Venom (2021) #21. This pivotal issue pits Eddie Brock and his better half against the time-displaced monster called Bedlam. This leads to the epic transformation that fuels the current Venom storyline.

(Image Source: Marvel / Phil Noto)

Sci-fi fans might choose Star Wars: Kylo Ren: Age of Resistance #1. Written by Tom Taylor and Bryan Young, with art by Leonard Kirk, this issue reprints a 2019 one-shot special. The comic finds Ben Skywalker considering his grandfather’s legacy and whether he can escape it.

(Image Source: Marvel)

Spidey and His Amazing Friends #1 is based on the hit Disney plus show. Aimed at readers ages 5-7, this book is full of activity pages and comics featuring the Spider-Friends. This Marvel Comics book is sure to treat young Spidey fans everywhere this Halloween.

The Marvel Halloween Trick-or-Read comics will be available at participating comic shops on October 31, 2024.


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