Sydney Sweeney is set to make her superhero film debut in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe in 2024. Sweeney’s dedication to her role as Julia Carpenter, aka Spider-Woman, is evident through her extensive research and passion for the Marvel Comics. Fans can anticipate a potentially rich and authentic portrayal of Madame Web, with attention to comic book details and a strong female-led cast.

Young talents are seeking their chance to shine in this ever-expanding superheroes universe. Actress Sydney Sweeney has emerged as the latest entrant in this arena, set to make her superhero film debut with Sony’s Spider-Man Universe in 2024. With multiple Emmy-nominated performances under her belt, including major roles in hit shows such as Euphoria and The White Lotus, Sydney is ready to carve a new path in her promising career.

Sydney Sweeney, the star of the upcoming Madame Web film, recently sat down with Variety to discuss her new role as the Julia Carpenter version of Spider-Woman. Her excitement was palpable, and she shared her initial reactions to being selected for the role:

“I was freaking out, of course. I went straight to the comic store, and I bought every comic that mentioned my character.”

Her dedication to understanding her character shone through as she revealed her fervent research into Marvel Comics. Not only has Sweeney shown enthusiasm, but she also expressed confidence in Madame Web, promising something unexpected:

“I think it’s different from what people expect a superhero movie to be. Quote that! That’s a quote, because the tabloids will pick up everything else we talk about.”

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This wasn’t the first time Sweeney had spoken about her excitement for her new Marvel role. In a previous interview with Total Film magazine published in May, she exclaimed that she “couldn’t be more excited” and that she “can’t wait to be able to talk about it” when the time comes. What sets Sydney Sweeney apart is her readiness to fully immerse herself in the Marvel world. Not only has she committed herself to understand the depths of her character by devouring every related comic, but she’s also part of a strong female-led cast that has fans anticipating a comic-accurate performance.

The comic book version of Julia Carpenter received her Spider-Man-like powers after an experiment involving spider venom and exotic plant extracts. With the movie’s setting in New York City, fans eagerly await how this storyline might be realized on the big screen. Additionally, the attention to comic detail promises a potentially rich and authentic portrayal in Madame Web. In contrast to other Sony projects, where the source material wasn’t as strictly adhered to, the anticipation builds for Madame Web‘s faithfulness to the comics. How much this adherence contributes to the film’s overall quality is a tantalizing question.

Sydney Sweeney’s transition from Emmy-nominated actress to Marvel superhero illustrates a new phase in her career. Her passion, diligence, and anticipation for something different in the superhero genre infuse a fresh energy into Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The story of Sydney Sweeney’s involvement in Madame Web paints a promising picture not only for her individual career but for the ever-shifting landscape of superhero movies. The journey has just begun, but the enthusiasm and commitment displayed by Sweeney have already sent ripples through the fandom, promising an adventure that is not to be missed.

Madame Web will swing into theaters on February 14, 2024.

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