Loki Season 2, Episode 1 reveals that Ravonna Renslayer was involved in the Multiversal War, contrary to what was previously believed, making her character more like her Marvel Comics counterpart. The episode introduces the Temporal Loom and Loki’s ability to time travel within the TVA, raising questions about the nature of time within the organization. Renslayer’s connection to Kang becomes more evident, hinting at a romantic relationship and setting the stage for her to become an integral part of the MCU and potentially a love interest and adversary for Kang and the Avengers.

Loki Season 2, Episode 1 just retconned Kang and Ravonna Renslayer’s backstory, making both characters decidedly more like their comic book counterparts. In Loki Season 1, Ravonna Renslayer was introduced as a TVA judge and close friend of Mobius – though their relationship was thrown into disarray in the final episode of the show. Kang, meanwhile, was depicted as The One Who Remains, the eccentric variant protector of the MCU‘s Sacred Timeline, who was eventually killed by Sylvie after warning both Lokis of other MCU Kang variants – who are now no doubt on their way to wreak havoc.

There were many huge revelations to occur in the first episode of the new Loki season. Among them was the introduction of the Temporal Loom, Lokis apparent ability to travel in time within the TVA (despite the fact that time shouldn’t matter in the TVA), and the involvement of Renslayer in the MCU’s Multiversal War. Though the Multiversal War hasn’t been mentioned since MCU Phase 4, its mention in Loki Season 2 has brought some pretty heavy implications.

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Loki Season 2’s First Twist Retcons Renslayer’s Role In The Multiversal War

The last time Renslayer was seen at the end of Loki season 1, she left the TVA to an unknown location in search of “free will.” Upon her departure, it seemed that she was none the wiser to the Multiversal War detailed by He Who Remains to Loki and Sylvie in the Void. Loki Season 2’s first plot twist in the form of a recording found in the past, however, revealed that not only was Renslayer aware of the Multiversal war – at least at some point – but she actually had a pretty significant part to play in it.

This was made evident by Kang’s incriminating statement: “Ravonna Renslayer, you are quite a marvel. I will be proud to lead with you. You made a difference in this war. Thank you for being on my team.” The Loki season 2 revelation means that Renslayer is not as innocent as she may first appear, despite apparently being subjected to the same memory-wipe as her fellow TVA employees. It also means that Renslayer in Loki has started to look a little more like the Renslayer of Marvel Comics, especially given the romantic undertones within the recording.

Loki Makes Renslayer More Like Her Marvel Comics Counterpart

In the comics, Ravonna Renslayer is actually a princess and is romantically linked to Kang. Hailing from an alternate Earth in the 40th century, she was initially Kang’s enemy before he won her over after conquering her Kingdom, Eximietatius. Suffice it to say that they had a complicated relationship from that point, which resulted in both characters’ deaths – with both going to great lengths to restore one another to life. Their lore saw them encounter the Avengers, Kang’s sworn enemies, on multiple occasions, both to fight them and team up with them to fight common enemies including Kang variants.

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It looks as though Loki is gearing up to make Renslayer an integral part of the MCU, and likely a love interest of Kang with whom he can fight the Avengers. Renslayer’s comic book origins is also closely tied to the Victor Timely variant of Kang, who has already been confirmed to appear in Loki season 2. Renslayer, therefore, is certain to reappear in this season – whether as a villain or a regretful hero.

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