Loki season 2 breaks two long-running trends in the MCU, focusing on slower character moments and avoiding the need for supplementary photography after primary filming. The ending of season 1 set up multiple storylines for season 2, with Loki discovering the Time Variance Authority’s transformation and Mobius forgetting who he is, ensuring an exciting start. The second season of Loki will continue to prioritize character-driven storytelling, breaking away from the usual action-heavy approach of MCU films and series, offering a fresh and unique take on the superhero genre.

Loki season 2 brings Thor’s brother back for a new season that breaks two long-running Marvel Cinematic Universe trends. The Disney+ series’ status as a trend-breaker in the MCU has already been made clear by the show being the first project to really touch on the multiverse, as well as Loki being the only MCU series to this day to come back for a season 2. After providing an exciting start for the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief returns for another thrilling adventure through space and time, with early reactions to Loki season 2 being overwhelmingly positive.

Loki season 1’s ending set up many different storylines to be followed up on by the Disney+ show’s second season. Loki discovering that the Time Variance Authority has been remade in Kang’s image and that Mobius forgot who he is served as the perfect cliffhanger to end Loki season 1, and as it has been revealed that the new season will not start with a time jump, picking back up from that event, Loki season 2 should hit the ground running. Helping add an extra factor to Loki season 2’s frantic pace will be the fact that the show brings something new to the MCU, breaking two universe-defining trends.

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Loki Season 2 Breaks 1 MCU Story Trend, And 1 Filming Trend

Speaking with Variety, Loki executive producer Kevin Wright explains how Loki breaks two major MCU trends. The story trend that Loki season 2 breaks is a continuation of what the show did in its first year. Wright reveals that Loki season 1’s Time Theater sequence was initially shorter, with a lot of the usual MCU action following it. However, the team behind Loki realized, “That’s not the interesting stuff. This Time Theater conversation is interesting. That’s what the show could be.” Now that Loki season 1’s more character-driven approach was well-received, Loki season 2 is set to dive even further in that direction. Check out the full quote below:

“Also, there were certain things in Season 1 that felt like they were maybe a risk, and we didn’t know how the audience would respond. Once we realized that they embraced it, it felt like a lot of freedom to go further.

In a very early draft of the script that Michael Waldron had written, that first Time Theater conversation between Mobius and Loki was maybe a couple of pages. And then a lot of other big Marvel-y action things happened afterwards, and we all went, “That’s not the interesting stuff. This Time Theater conversation is interesting. That’s what the show could be.” If we are really diving into the character-driven philosophy and introspection of self, that’s quite different than the last 10 years of Marvel movies. Would the audience follow us along on that?”

Loki season 2 also breaks a major Marvel Studios filming trend. When explaining that Jonathan Majors’ arrest didn’t affect Loki season 2, Wright revealed that the Marvel Studios TV show’s new season is “the first Marvel series to never have any additional photography.” MCU movies and series are notorious for changing or adding things through additional photography, so the fact that Loki season 2 breaks that trend, with “The story that is on screen” being exactly what the Loki team conceived for the show, is certainly exciting. Check out the full quote below:

“This is maybe — not maybe — this is the first Marvel series to never have any additional photography. The story that is on screen is the story we set out to make. We went out there with a very specific idea of what we wanted this to be, and we found a way to tell it in that production period. It’s very much what’s on screen on Disney+.”

Why Loki Season 2’s Trend Breaks Are Good For The MCU

Loki season 2 breaking the long-running MCU story and filming trends can only mean good things for the universe. Superhero fatigue has become an increasing problem over the past few years, with the MCU, in particular, facing criticism since Phase 4. Loki season 2 breaking two MCU trends brings some much-needed variety to Marvel’s offerings, which should counter superhero fatigue nicely. Loki season 2’s MCU trend breaks also reveal that Marvel Studios has a clear vision for the show, and that means great things for both the quality of Loki season 2, as well as the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, given the show plays an important role in introducing multiverse concepts.

Source: Variety

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