Marvel fans can now own an exclusive MCU mini-figure with LEGO’s new Marvel Avengers Tower set, featuring 30 other mini-figures. The set breaks records as the tallest LEGO brick-built skyscraper at 35.5 inches and includes the most mini-figures ever in a single LEGO set. The set pays homage to Kevin Feige, giving him the character name “Kevin the Avengers fan” and representing him as a fan wearing an Avengers cap, with a slice of pizza and a coffee.

Marvel’s LEGO fans can finally get their hands on an exclusive MCU mini-figure thanks to the toy giant’s biggest ever Marvel set. 60 years after the Avengers debuted in Marvel Comics, and just as the Marvel movie timeline gears up for two new Avengers movies, LEGO have unveiled an incredible new set that should be an essential purchase. The new LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower set will release on November 24, 2023 just in time for Christmas.

As well as breaking the fiction/non-fiction character divide, the new LEGO Avengers Tower set (76269) also breaks two big records for LEGO. Firstly, it’s the tallest LEGO brick-built skyscraper ever made at more than 35.5 in. (90 cm) tall, thanks to 5,201 pieces. It also has the most mini-figures ever included in a single LEGO set, at a huge 31 figures. But it’s the most surprising of those mini-figures that arguably holds the most meaning…

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Kevin Feige Finally Becomes An MCU Character Thanks To LEGO

Obviously, She-Hulk met a version of Kevin Feige as the robot AI overlord of the MCU in 2022, appealing to him to change She-Hulk’s ending. That was more of a meta-joke at Feige’s expense – which the super producer was surprisingly game for – but the new LEGO Avengers Tower set goes one further: celebrating him as a fan. Alongside 30 other mini-figures, the tiny Feige is wearing an Avengers cap and comes with a slice of pizza and a coffee.

LEGO’s official designer video for the new Avengers Tower set gives Feige the in-universe character name of “Kevin the Avengers fan”. It’s a great little nod to Feige’s fandom, and the Marvel-informed philosophy that he developed working on X-Men as a production assistant for producer Lauren Shuler Donner. As producer Ralph Winter recalled in 2020, even then, Feige was keen to ensure fans weren’t alienated by changes made to Marvel lore for movie adaptations:

There was pushback to being faithful to the comic. Kevin Feige [Donner’s production assistant on the film] was right there in the midst of all of that. He didn’t have as big of a voice back then, but he was careful and faithful about the characters and reminding us, ‘Hey, you can do that, but here’s where the character came from. Here’s where their powers started. So keep that in mind as you go do that.’

3 years later, the gatekeeper of Marvel movie lore and one of the MCU’s founding fathers finally gets his chance to shine as a character alongside the Avengers.

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Every Mini-Figure in LEGO Marvels Avengers Tower

Tony Stark

Iron Man MK6 (damaged)

Tony Stark as a SHIELD Agent

Iron Man MK7


War Machine


SHIELD Agent 1

SHIELD Agent 2

Captain America

Captain America Variant

Alexander Pierce

Pepper Potts


Black Widow


Nick Fury

Hulk (Big Fig)


Wanda Maximoff


Ant-Man (Nanofigure)

Erik Selvig

Dr. Cho

Ultron MK1


Chitauri 1

Chitauri 2

Chitauri 3

Chitauri 4

Kevin Feige AKA Kevin The Avengers Fan

Incredible Details Hidden In LEGO’s New Avengers Tower Set

As always, LEGO’s Marvel Avengers Tower set is packed with little MCU Easter eggs and hidden details that fans will discover as they’re tackling the huge build. The interior of the set reflects all of the Infinity Saga releases, and some more recent ones. Here are some of the best details in the set:

Hawkeye‘s Avengers memorial stands outside the Tower Iron Man’s armor flying down the side of Avengers Tower saving Tony Stark in mid-air. A LEGO City Vita-Rush drinks vending machine stands in the lobby. Captain America admiring “America’s Ass” from Endgame. Iron Man’s robot sidekick Dum-E makes an appearance.

LEGO Avengers Tower Set Details

Here’s all the key information about the LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower set (76269):

LEGO MarvelAvengers Tower (76269)




Length: 25cm Height: 90cm, Width: 34cm





Release Date

24 November, 2023

As a bonus, from 24-27th November LEGO Insiders members can get a free LEGO Marvel Taxi set with four minifigures including Black Panther, a taxi driver and two outriders when they purchase the LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower. Buy yours here.

Key Release Dates

Deadpool 3

Captain America: Brave New World

Marvel’s Fantastic Four

Marvel’s Thunderbolts

Blade (2025)

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

Avengers: Secret Wars

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