The last time MCU fans see Dane Whitman, his story goes into another gear. At the end of “Eternals,” he’s seen looking over the Ebony Blade. He’s apprehensive to lift it from its case, and as he contemplates picking it up, an unseen individual asks him if he’s prepared to do so. Though he’s not shown, it has since been revealed that this person is the famed half-vampire, half-human monster hunter, Blade (Mahershala Ali, who had strong feelings about recording his first MCU line) — a beloved Marvel Comics hero whose MCU debut is just around the corner.

“Blade” will be the second feature in Phase Six of the MCU, coming to fans courtesy of director Yann Demange. Seeing as the title character makes his franchise debut in “Eternals” alongside Whitman, one has to imagine that there’s a good chance he and the Ebony Blade will factor into the story somehow. Then again, since the feature was announced, it has seen directors and writers alike come and go, likely with the story changing time after time. Thus, with Kit Harington’s remarks in mind, Whitman and his medieval weapon may indeed be absent from the film altogether.

Even though things don’t look promising for Harington’s MCU character, one can only hope that will change and he’ll get another opportunity at the role down the line.

 It would seem that Kit Harington might not be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as his “Eternals” character, Dane Whitman aka Black Knight.  Read More