Keanu Reeves was rumored to be in consideration for the role of Doctor Strange before Benedict Cumberbatch was cast. Avengers art imagines what Reeves would have looked like as Doctor Strange in a 90s version of the character. Reeves has expressed interest in playing Ghost Rider in the MCU and has been rumored for other Marvel roles.

Keanu Reeves looks amazing as Doctor Strange in 90s Avengers fan art. The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the character is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, with the recent Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ first post-credits scene teasing his role in the anticipated Avengers: Secret Wars, as he met Charlize Theron’s Clea and went to stop an incursion. However, it all could have been different, as Reeves was rumored to have been among the names Marvel was eyeing for the role before Cumberbatch was cast for 2016’s Doctor Strange.

On Instagram, @houseofmat imagined what the possible casting of Reeves as Doctor Strange could have looked like.

With a twist, the art depicts Reeves as Doctor Strange if the movie had been made in the 90s. Reeves looks pitch-perfect with Strange’s signature facial hair and robes, making the case for the actor to play one of the MCU’s many Doctor Strange variants.


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Doctor Strange Is Only One Of The Many Possible Heroes For The Actor

Back when Doctor Strange casting rumors were going around, Reeves was asked by Collider if he was interested in the role. The John Wick actor revealed he was open to playing the character, saying, “I go to those kinds of movies, I like superhero movies. I grew up on them and comics and graphic novels, and the movies.” While Reeves evidently did not end up playing the MCU’s Doctor Strange, the character’s most recent film saw Cumberbatch play multiple variants of the hero, so Reeves could potentially appear as a Doctor Strange from a different universe.

That said, Reeves already revealed what his dream MCU role is. According to the actor, there is one Marvel anti-hero that would speak to his younger self, with Reeves revealing, “[Who would] 10-year-old Reeves [want to be]? I think he would probably want to be Ghost Rider.” Nicolas Cage played the Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider in two movies before the MCU, with Gabriel Luna having given life to the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. With the MCU recently delving into its supernatural side with Werewolf by Night, and the upcoming Blade continuing that new path, perhaps Reeves could debut as Ghost Rider in the future.

While a Doctor Strange variant and Ghost Rider are great picks for Reeves to play in the MCU, the actor has been rumored for quite a few Marvel roles in the past few years. From Wolverine — whom Reeves also revealed he would like to play — to the Silver Surfer and more, the actor has been mentioned in connection to some high-profile roles. With Reeves confirming he has met with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, it seems like a matter of time before he joins the MCU, be it as a Doctor Strange variant or another major character.

Source: @houseofmat/Instagram

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