The Juggernaut is a member of the all-new X-Men team along with Magik, who has the power to give Juggernaut a major upgrade.
As shown in
Savage Avengers
, Magik can use her power to open portals for the Juggernaut to run through, resulting in him building up unstoppable momentum.
Teamwork with Magik enhances Juggernaut’s power, which can be utilized in the new

The Juggernaut is one of the most powerful characters in not just X-Men canon, but within the wider continuity of the Marvel Universe, as his unstoppable nature is matched by his immense strength, god-tier healing factor, and surprisingly impressive skills in magic. However, Cain Marko has never been more powerful than he’s going to be on the all-new X-Men roster, as he’s about to be paired with a teammate who can elevate his powers to the next level (and has before).

On March 14, 2024, Marvel Entertainment shared the new line of X-Men titles that will usher in a new era for the mutant heroes. In the current continuity of X-Men canon, mutantkind has all but been eradicated on Earth, and the island nation of Krakoa has fallen. Once the Krakoan Era has reached its ultimate conclusion, the X-Men will begin a new era of rebuilding within three main upcoming titles: X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and Exceptional X-Men.

Enjoy the official preview for the X-Men’s new era, “From the Ashes” shared by Marvel Entertainment on X (formerly Twitter).

Being a direct continuation of the Krakoan Era, “From the Ashes” will maintain the character developments of the X-Men heroes that were previously established, including that of the Juggernaut. Before Orchis decimated the X-Men during the Hellfire Gala Massacre, the Juggernaut was officially voted onto the core X-Men team, and has only proven himself as a true hero throughout Fall of X. Now, the Juggernaut’s tenure as an X-Man will continue with the launch of “From the Ashes”, and he’ll be joined by the one teammate who has the ability to make him even more powerful: Magik.


Juggernaut Showcases His Full Strength with His Most Brutal Kill in Years

Juggernaut’s no stranger to violence, but he hasn’t done anything that brutal lately. At least until now, with one of his most gruesome kills to date.

Magik Can Give Juggernaut’s Powers a HUGE Upgrade (Just LIke She Did Before)

Savage Avengers #14 by Gerry Duggan and Patch Zircher

Juggernaut and Magik are about to be on the same X-Men team in the upcoming “From the Ashes” era within the pages of X-Men by Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman. However, this won’t be the first time the two have been on the same superhero squad. In Savage Avengers #14, a time-displaced Conan recruits Juggernaut and Magik to help him slay a dragon and steal a magical artifact he needs to kill an evil wizard. Given the immense strength of this dragon, the team has to think outside the box – and Juggernaut and Magik come up with the perfect plan.

When Juggernaut builds up enough momentum, there’s almost nothing in the universe that can stop him – including the skull of a dragon. So, Magik uses her ability to open portals through limbo to transport the Juggernaut from one portal she manifested on the ground, to another high up in the sky above the dragon’s head. The Juggernaut sprints through the portal on the ground only to fall out of the portal in the sky, using gravity to build enough momentum to defeat the dragon with a single blow.

Magik Can Help Juggernaut Reach Untold Levels of Momentum, Making Him Truly Unstoppable

Magik and Juggernaut’s team-up attack isn’t limited to just slaying dragons, as it can also be used in nearly any wartime scenario. Magik can open a portal, throwing a falling Juggernaut right into the lair of a villain, or at the center of an attacking army, or any other situation that would result in the X-Men’s foes being utterly decimated in a matter of seconds. Momentum is practically the source of the Juggernaut’s unstoppable power, and Magik has already proved that she can essentially give him endless momentum at any time.

Only time will tell exactly how the powers of Marvel Comics’ new X-Men roster will compliment each other, but if history tells fans anything, it’s that Magik and the Juggernaut are a match made in heaven. Indeed, the Juggernaut’s new role in the Marvel Universe means a major upgrade to his powers, and he has Magik to thank for that.

X-Men #1 by Marvel Comics is available July 10, 2024.

Source: Marvel Entertainment/X

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