Jon Hamm sure has had a rich post-Mad Men life. He’s done comedy. He’s the new Fletch. He’s even gotten fake nipple rings to play a Trumpy loose cannon sheriff on Fargo. In general, he’s killing it. One thing he hasn’t done is comic book movies. Why is that? And is it too late to give him a cape?

In a new interview with Screen Rant, Hamm talked about if he’d ever join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He almost did a Marvel movie once: He was courted for the role of Mister Sinister in a sequel to The New Mutants, before the Sony wing of Marvel consumed by Disney. But could it happen again? If they’re into it, he said he’d “love to.” But this ain’t his call.

“Those decisions get made at such a high level at this point, definitely above my pay grade,” he said. But he and them go way back. “I’ve been a fan of Marvel Comics and comics in general since I was probably single digits. I think there are tons of stories that I’m familiar with, at least, that are still out there to be told.”

He added, “Hopefully, whatever their plans are, they include me. But if not, I know that they have a pretty deep bench of folks that are ready to be a part of those stories. There are certainly a lot of stories in the X-Men world to be told. Fantastic Four as well, [like] Doctor Doom. There are so many great things out there. But yeah, I hope I get a chance. Who knows?”

It’s odd talking about some big time actor joining the MCU now, what with comic book movies underperforming. Right now it looks like their latest movie, The Marvels, may not even crack the $100 million mark domestically, which is jaw-dropping considering they used to be a sure-thing. Maybe the franchise just needs some Hamm.

(Via Screen Rant)

 The erstwhile Don Draper has had a rich post-’Mad Men’ life, but one thing he hasn’t done is comic book stuff.  Read More