Jean Grey is back as the Phoenix in a new X-Men title. Marvel has slowly revealed new details on X-Men: From the Ashes, the publisher’s relaunch of the X-Men line following the end of the Krakoan era. Three series will headline the relaunch – Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman’s X-Men, Gail Simone and David Marquez’s Uncanny X-Men, and Eve L. Ewing and Carmen Carnero’s Exceptional X-Men. Three more titles will follow, with yesterday bringing the news of a new X-Force series. Now, readers can learn how Jean Grey’s adventures will continue into “From the Ashes.”

Phoenix is a new ongoing Jean Grey solo series from writer Stephanie Phillips (Spider-Gwen: The Ghost-SpiderBlack Widow & Hawkeye) and artist Alessandro Miracolo (White Widow). It follows the events of Rise of the Powers of X and X-Men Forever, which find Jean Grey inside the White Hot Room, the epicenter of creation and rebirth for the Phoenix. The new Phoenix series will also feature Jean Grey in a new costume and heading to the cosmos where her reputation as the host of the Phoenix Force leads to some unwanted drama. 

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Phoenix creative team talks about new X-Men series

“Jean is one of the most powerful characters I’ve ever written,” Phillips explained. “The beauty and challenge to Jean is that she is imbued with a cosmic force alongside the morals, shortcomings, and empathy of a human being. The dichotomy between those two is something incredibly special about Jean, and means that she is constantly doing a dance between humanity and absolute power. So, that dance is what we hope to have on full display in this story… a cosmic ballet that shows how beautiful the Phoenix Force can be when working in tandem with Jean Grey. And let me assure you, Alessandro Miracolo has made that cosmic dance look absolutely gorgeous.”

“This is fantastic! Being an X-Men fan since I was a kid, I’m so happy to work on such an important character like Phoenix, and Stephanie’s writing has been incredible!” Miracolo shared. “Depicting Phoenix out in the cosmos and unleashing her energy has been thrilling and simply epic, and there’s also really emotional moments that I hope to make the most of. I wish I could say more but I hope everyone is excited because this will be fun!”

The description of Phoenix reads, “She is Jean Grey. She is Phoenix. She saves the world. She brings death. One woman, alone in space, who not only must do what no one else can: she yearns to. A desperate S.O.S. from Nova brings the Phoenix to the edge of a black hole, where hundreds of lives hang in the balance…and whatever Jean does – or fails to do – will bring darkness to the universe and haunt her in ways she can scarcely imagine…”

Phoenix #1 goes on sale July 17th.

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