As we’re currently out of official “Shang-Chi 2” news, may we interest you in some educated guesses, instead? Whatever the production timeline ends up being, it feels like a safe assumption that Marvel will move forward with the sequel at some point. The big question that remains, then, is what the actual story will end up looking like. Luckily, the first movie provided at least a hint or two to suggest where Cretton and his creative team may take things next.

At the end of “Shang-Chi,” it was revealed in a post-credits scene that Xu Xialing (Meng’er Zhang), Shang-Chi’s sister, had stepped up after the death of their father and the real Mandarin Xu Wenwu (played by the legendary Tony Leung) to become the new leader of the Ten Rings organization — despite her promises to disband the criminal syndicate completely. This appeared to set her up as a quasi-antagonist moving forward, but there are countless ways that a sequel could further deepen this fascinating dynamic between the siblings. Meanwhile, Shang-Chi finally seemed to get the attention of the Avengers themselves … or some of them, at least. The film ends with the Sorcerer Supreme Wong (Benedict Wong) interrupting Shang-Chi in San Francisco and urging him to come to Kamar-Taj, the training ground for sorcerers as seen in “Doctor Strange.” Nothing has yet come of this, but it certainly feels like the next step for Shang-Chi would be a team-up with the wider world of the MCU superheroes. With the Ten Rings still out there and who knows what other enemies, Shang-Chi is certain to have his hands full.

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