Marvel Snap has become a popular mobile card battler since its release in 2022, and it continues to grow and add new content in 2024. It is less monetized compared to other mobile games and has a dedicated PC client on Steam for PC players. The game offers a wide selection of collectible cards, new features, and a content roadmap for 2024, making it an exciting time to join and play Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap has quickly become one of the most popular mobile card battlers on the market since its release in 2022, where it earned the award for Best Mobile Game at the Game Awards 2022. In 2023, Marvel Snap expanded even more, adding new cards, additional game modes, and a variety of other features that helped the game feel more robust than it did at launch. Now, in 2024, Marvel Snap seems to have found a comfortable place for itself with a solid player base that will allow the team at Second Dinner to grow this mobile title even more in the year to come.

Although Marvel Snap has had its share of controversies in the past as a free-to-play mobile game, it is still less intrusively monetized than other games on the mobile platform. In addition to its availability on mobile devices, Marvel Snap launched a dedicated PC client on Steam in 2023, making the game much more user-friendly for PC players. With the recently released roadmap of content Second Dinner has planned for Marvel Snap in 2024 teasing tons of new content to come, now has never been a better time to jump into the game.


What to Expect from Marvel Snap in 2024

Marvel Snap is arguably at the height of its popularity and that won’t seem to slow down at all come 2024 due to some exciting new seasons planned.

Pros of Playing Marvel Snap in 2024

One of the best reasons to play Marvel Snap in 2024 is the massive selection of collectible cards the game has added over the past year. Both iconic characters, like Ms. Marvel and Jean Grey, alongside more niche ones like Hit Monkey and Man-Thing, were among the dozens of cards that were added to Marvel Snap in 2023. Obtaining these new cards has also improved over the course of the game’s life with the addition of Spotlight Caches in 2023, allowing players to more easily get newly released cards without having to grind for large amounts of Collector’s Tokens.

New features such as Conquest Mode and Albums were also added in 2023, giving players even more reason to continue coming back to the game. Marvel Snap also recently outlined its content plans for 2024 that include more in-game events, the addition of clans, and more cosmetic customization for cards, among other features teased to be in development. This roadmap points to 2024 being another big year for the game, and will likely give players more than enough reasons to stick with Marvel Snap throughout the upcoming year.

Cons of Playing Marvel Snap in 2024

There are some drawbacks to playing Marvel Snap in its current state, such as certain cards being too overpowered upon release and requiring nerfs down the line. Players have also criticized Second Dinner for releasing OP cards locked behind the paywall of the Season Pass and only nerfing them once they are no longer available for purchase, giving the game somewhat of a pay-to-win feel. The Spotlight Cache system for acquiring new cards also isn’t perfect, as players can still end up with random variants or Collector’s Tokens instead of one of the cards or variants in the spotlight.

Despite the obvious room for improvement that these issues demonstrate, there is still a lot to enjoy about Marvel Snap in 2024 and the game’s strengths outweigh the negatives. These issues have a negligible effect on the gameplay, and the content-filled roadmap for 2024 released by Second Dinner shows they are committed to continuing to improve the user experience throughout the coming year. As such, new players will have a ton of content to experience if they’re diving into Marvel Snap in 2024, and veteran players still have reasons to continue honing their skills and collecting the new cards that are added to Marvel Snap each season.

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