Invisible Woman’s force fields now rival the power of the Cosmic Cube and can protect against reality-warping abilities.
Sue’s abilities have evolved to match some of the most potent forces in the multiverse, including the Celestials.
The Fantastic Four are discovering new, powerful ways to utilize their abilities, with Invisible Woman emerging as a key player.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Fantastic Four #19!The Fantastic Four are some of Marvel’s most high-powered superheroes, but the Invisible Woman is taking her force fields to previously unimaginable levels. When faced with a Cosmic Cube, one of the most powerful objects in existence, Sue is able to hold back its reality-warping power. That means her powers have advanced so far as to engage with some of the most potent forces in the multiverse.

In Fantastic Four #19 – by Ryan North, Carlos Gómez, Jesus Aburtov, and Joe Caramagna – Trapster gets his hands on a Cosmic Cube and accidentally rewrites reality, turning the world into a clichéd Film Noir. Sue’s force fields are the one thing standing in the way, as Reed explains that she was able to protect all of them for a short amount of time, then focused all her remaining energy to prevent him being transformed. While Sue’s force field can’t hold back the Cube’s power forever, the fact she can do so at all is a jaw-dropping accomplishment.

Cosmic Cubes tap into the same reality-altering powers as the Beyonders, who have almost no equal in the multiverse, and even caused its near-total destruction in the 2015 Secret Wars event. Even against this seemingly insurmountable power, the Invisible Woman’s force fields protect her husband long enough for him to get through to Alicia. The effort saved them, and showed that Invisible Woman’s power continues to expand.


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Once upon a time, Sue’s force fields were good for blocking a punch or stray bullet. Now, they’re capable of fighting off reality itself.

The Invisible Woman’s Abilities Can Hold Back a Cosmic Cube

Fantastic Four’s Sue Storm Is Becoming a God

The F4 are in a stage of discovering new ways to use their abilities. Sue and Johnny recently combined their respective skills to create lasers strong enough to destroy asteroids, while Invisible Woman also revealed she can black out the Sun. The Invisible Woman is likely the team’s most powerful member, as she is able to neutralize threats that take out her three compatriots, and successfully taking on a Cosmic Cube adds further credence to this idea. It’s unclear exactly how long her force fields held up, but it was for the full length of Alicia’s “investigation” in the illusion.

In the past, Invisible Woman’s force fields have been capable of damaging Celestials, showing just how powerful she’s become. In assembling a force field that doesn’t require her to consciously keep it active, then using that power to push back reality, Sue has shown she barely has any limits left. Once upon a time, Sue’s force fields were good for blocking a punch or stray bullet. Now, they’re capable of fighting off reality itself.

The Invisible Woman has damaged Celestials in multiple stories, including
Fantastic Four #400
by Tom DeFalco and Paul Ryan, and
Fantastic Four #603
, by Jonathan Hickman and Barry Kitson.

The Invisible Woman Can Beat Celestials and Cosmic Cubes

Sue Is Operating on a Level Even Many of Marvel’s Gods Can’t Match

Sue is constantly finding new ways to expand and stretch her unique powerset, create new types of constructs, and even have them interact with new types of energy. By successfully fighting back a Cosmic Cube, the Invisible Woman has proved her Force Fields are the Fantastic Four’s greatest weapon.


Writer: Ryan North Artist: Carlos Gómez Colorist: Jesus Aburtov Letterer: Joe Caramagna Cover Artist: Alex Ross

Fantastic Four #19 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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