In “Marvel Team-Up” Vol. 3 #14, Invincible encounters Spider-Man in nearly the exact same manner that he meets “Agent Spider” in the Season 2 finale. He emerges from a portal created by Angstrom Levy to see the hero battling Doc Ock in an alley. At first, Invincible is unsure if who’s the hero and who’s the villain. Spider-Man later takes him to Avengers Tower and introduces him to the rest of the team before Invincible heads home to his own dimension.

Presumably because Prime Video couldn’t get the real Spider-Man this time around, things a bit different in the show. Agent Spider’s suit is much more mechanical than most actual Spider-Man variants, with cybernetic eyes in the mask and a black, yellow, and silver color scheme. The colors make him look strikingly similar to Gray Fox from “Metal Gear Solid,” and with the “Agent” moniker, there’s a chance that isn’t just a coincidence. There’s also the obvious comparison to the Iron Spider suits used in the Marvel comics, which have become increasingly well-known thanks to their prevalence in the MCU.

Agent Spider’s snarky persona matches that of the hero he’s mimicking, and he even makes an explicit reference to the recent “Spider-Verse” movies. “I saw the portal,” he tells Invincible after their accidental team-up. “I know you’re from another dimension. I’ve got way too much experience with that, especially lately.” All in all, it’s a nice, brief homage to both one of the most famous superheroes and Invincible’s 2005 Marvel cameo. It also isn’t the first time that Image has intersected with its bigger competitors.

 During its second season, “Invincible” has offered up fans some pretty cheeky and downright hilarious “cameos,” one of which is definitely a Marvel ripoff.  Read More