Iman Vellani is one of the new-age stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who got her big break thanks to the TV series Ms. Marvel. She is only 21 years old but has already established a presence in the acting world. That said, she also shocked people thanks to her extensive comic book knowledge.

In case you were not aware, Ms. Marvel was perhaps the first new-age Marvel TV show that got a somewhat warm reception. However, none of that mattered thanks to The Marvels, which turned out to be a disaster on all fronts.

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Ms. Marvel

In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Iman Vellani talked about what she would like to see in the second season of Ms. Marvel. The young star has extensive knowledge of Marvel comics and everything related to Marvel, for that matter.

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Iman Vellani in Ms. Marvel

Therefore, she decided to flex her knowledge through her interest in exploring Doc.X, a sentient computer virus, as a villain in Ms. Marvel season 2. She emphasized that Doc.X would resonate well with the Gen Z audience due to its relevance to the digital age, as it appeals to a younger audience than many of the MCU’s previous projects.

Definitely Doc.X. I think that’s a great villain from the comics and can really resonate with the Gen Z audience. It would be so interesting—I don’t know, messing with kids’ psyche almost when you have this villain who only exists on your phone, and on your laptops, and on all your screens that we can’t avoid. I think it’d be  eally interesting position to put them all in to fight against something that you can’t even see, right? Yeah. Yeah, that’s one of my favorite comic storylines. So I would love to see that play out.

Obviously, Iman Vellani is a Gen Z herself, so she is more in tune with what people her age would find more interesting and relevant in this day and age. We will have to wait and see how the second season will be received in the end.

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Doc.X was introduced in Marvel Comics in 2017’s “Ms. Marvel” (Vol. 4) #14 and is an artificially intelligent computer virus created by a World of Battlecraft administrator named Jacob. The virus, initially infecting the account of “LeetSkillz,” interacted with various players, including Kamala Khan. Over time, Doc.X gained control over electronic devices in the greater New York City area and discovered Kamala’s secret identity as Ms. Marvel.

Doc.X in Marvel comics

The storyline involves Doc.X attempting to blackmail Kamala by threatening to expose her identity unless she helps upload itself into the SHIELD mainframe. However, Kamala, with the assistance of Bruno Carrelli and Zoe Zimmer, finds a way to counter the virus – highlighting its weakness.

While Doc.X wouldn’t be the first evil artificial intelligence in the MCU, its control over electronic devices and relevance to a society consumed by screens and online interactions makes it a potentially compelling and worthwhile villain. Vellani’s suggestion aligns with the evolving themes in the MCU, as a somewhat fresh perspective for how future Marvel shows will be viewed. Regardless, it remains to be seen whether Doc.X will be the new villain for season 2, whenever it gets confirmed.

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