Ike Perlmutter First Big Donor For New Super PAC Backing Donald Trump

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Ike Perlmutter, the billionaire former Marvel CEO, and best friend of Donald Trump is the biggest donor towards Trumps’ new Super PAC.

Ike Perlmutter, ex-Marvel CEO, donates to Super PAC supporting Trump.
Right For America Super PAC aims to back Trump in the 2024 election.
Super PAC led by Sergio Gor, includes other high-profile supporters.
Perlmutter has a history of substantial donations to pro-Trump efforts.

Ike Perlmutter, the billionaire former Marvel CEO, Disney’s biggest solo shareholder who is trying to get back on the board, longstanding Mar-A-Lago member, and best friend of Donald Trump has a new thing he is getting involved with. A new Super PAC, Right For America, is to support Trump with plans to advertise during the presidential general election and first reported by Axios.

Last year, a spokesman for Perlmutter told CNBC that Ike was planning a key donation to back Donald Trump’s 2024 run for President and that the sum would be “meaningful”. Ike Perlmutter had previously donated $10.5 million toward a pro-Trump super PAC during the 2020 election cycle under his name, with his wife Laura Perlmutter donating another $10.5 million.

The New York Times reports sources telling them that Right For America is being supported by Ike Perlmutter and led by Trump ally Sergio Gor. Gor runs Winning Team Publishing with Donald Trump Jr, the publisher of both of Trump’s post-White House books. Also on the Right For America board is Lee Rizzuto,  Trump’s consul general in Bermuda, and Anthony Lomangino, a New York refuse and recycling mogul. They also report that Trump has told people that Ike Perlmutter’s media associates in Hollywood and beyond will be involved in making the commercials.

Donald Trump shakes hands with Marvel Chair Ike Perlmutter at a bill signing. Screencap YouTube

Super PACs, also known as “independent expenditure-only political action committees”, may raise unlimited amounts from individuals, corporations, unions, and other groups to spend on anything, including ads and marketing, advocating for or against political candidates. They are not allowed to either coordinate with or contribute directly to candidate campaigns or political parties. Which may be interesting when Trump is in Mar-A-Lago… and so is this group. Perlmutter is often seen dining with Trump. But I’m sure they will keep it non-professional.

Back in 2017, Trump shared his Thanksgiving dinner with Ike and Laura Perlmutter at Mar-A-Lago instead of his family, Laura was on Trump’s Inaugural committee, and Ike was controversially put in charge of Veteran’s Affairs as part of Trump’s first administration. They also donated $6 million to Trump’s first campaign$15 million to his 2020 Super PAC, and a third of all donations to the Trump Foundation as well as $50,000 to Miles Of Greatness Fund in support of Texan Republican Representative Ronny Jackson, over a million to Trump For Victory, $76,000 to the Republican National Committee,  $11,200 for Texans For Ronny Jackson, half a million to the Republican National Committee, and another $11,200 to Donald Trump For President.

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Ike Perlmutter, the billionaire former Marvel CEO, and best friend of Donald Trump is the biggest donor towards Trumps’ new Super PAC.

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“}]] Ike Perlmutter, the billionaire former Marvel CEO, and best friend of Donald Trump is the biggest donor towards Trumps’ new Super PAC.  Read More