Many people thought that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was over after the Infinity Saga, meaning right after Avengers: Endgame. But Marvel Studios had pictured this a long time ago and knew exactly what could keep the fans around. And here they are, with Deadpool 3! With not just Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth, stepping into the MCU but also Hugh Jackman as Weapon X, Wolverine.

Now that the MCU has gained rights to almost all of the Marvel characters, it is perfect timing to bring everyone from the pre-MCU era, back on the set and merge them with the already existing MCU. Also, why not? When the MCU is already familiar with the concept of multiverse.

Deadpool 3 set photos

We have been already introduced to a few of the mutants in the MCU namely, Namor and Ms. Marvel, and we have also been shown the presence of an Alpha Level mutant, Professor X. Now it is time to see the old man Logan actor, Hugh Jackman in his first outing in the MCU.

Reintroduction of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman teasing Wolverine’s comeback

The huge news of Hugh Jackman was first teased through his own Instagram account somewhere in the year 2021. He posted two pictures for a brief moment and deleted them later. The first picture was of a fan art by BossLogic, showing the hand of Wolverine with the claws out. And the second picture was of the Prisoners actor himself with Kevin Feige.

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Then a year later, in 2022, The Proposal actor officially announced the return of Wolverine in the third installment of Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds‘ video of him teasing Hugh Jackman in the movie made each and every Marvel fan on earth excited for the month of May 2024, which is said to be the release date of the movie. Well, at least for now.

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Would there be a delay in Hugh Jackman starring Deadpool 3?

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman for Deadpool 3

The most anticipated Marvel movie was “halfway through filming Deadpool”, according to Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy in an interview with Deadline. However, due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, it is still uncertain whether we will be able to watch the movie in theatres on the set date. A number of Marvel movies have been put on hold or are delayed due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

When we talk about Deadpool 3, it could be hugely affected by the strikes and may get delayed further than the 2024 release. But we can certainly hope for good, as the WGA has recently got a great deal. This could mean that the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike might also end soon, which would ultimately help the movie maintain its deadline.

Talking more about the movie, the production, and the cast have been put on pause until the strikes are over. Nonetheless, the Logan actor is still working hard to maintain his shape, for playing one of the most bad*ss characters in the Marvel comics.

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Hugh Jackman posted a video of him getting jacked

Recently, the actor from Eddie the Eagle posted a video of himself getting buffed and lifting weights on Instagram. Yes, he was seen doing the superhero stuff.

The video was captioned “Hurts so good.” And one could hear him taking a deep breath after the heavy workout in the posted video. The reel is likely shot by his personal trainer Beth Lewis, who can also be heard laughing for a brief moment.

When we look at the timeline, there is only one actor who has played the character of a superhero for so long. Although the Van Helsing actor dropped his claws after the movie Logan, the recent build-up of the multiverse in the MCU will introduce us again to his breathtaking action soon. If the strikes end soon and things work out just fine, Deadpool 3 might get released on 3 May 2024.

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Source: Instagram, Deadline

 Hugh Jackman is far away from giving up on his most played character Wolverine. Now that he’s entering the MCU he is more dedicated for the role.  Read More