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Venom returns to gaming in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and he’s bringing many of his comic book strengths and weaknesses with him.

Venom has long been one of Spider-Man’s most popular villains. Since his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #300, fans have loved the hulking symbiote nightmare, even if he’s always threatening to eat brains.

Venom is a member of the alien Klyntar race, a hive mind of symbiotes who seek out hosts. Unfortunately for us, Venom’s mind is a little broken, so sometimes he wants to kill a lot of people.

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From lethal protector to government agent and space knight, Venom’s had a number of forms, roles, and abilities. But his base powers and weaknesses stay pretty much the same.

Before the character returns to gaming in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, here are all of Venom’s powers and weaknesses explained.

Marvel ComicsVenom has plenty of Spider-Man’s best powers, including enhanced strength, durability, and webbing.

Much like Spidey, Venom has enhanced strength, speed, and durability. He can also regenerate from wounds incredibly quickly.

There’s also the webbing. Venom’s webbing is generated by the symbiote. This means it can actually tire itself out if it spends too much webbing, a feat Spider-Man pulled off once.

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Venom’s strength is in the upper echelon of the Marvel Universe. If he so desires, he can go toe-to-toe with the likes of The Hulk or The Thing and hold his own easily.

Marvel ComicsBecause Spider-Man was bonded with the symbiote, Venom is invisible to his Spider-Sense.

Venom is invisible to Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense. Because the symbiote was once merged with Spider-Man, it knows how to trick his senses.

This puts Spidey at an immediate disadvantage. Without his Spider-Sense, he never really knows where Venom is or where he’s coming from.

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Venom himself doesn’t necessarily have a Spider-Sense. However, because the symbiote is a living organism, it has an enhanced awareness of its surroundings, so it’s incredibly difficult to sneak up on it.

Marvel ComicsVenom is a member of the Klyntar, a symbiotic alien race.

Symbiotes themselves are living beings and can do a number of incredible feats. They have both a genetic and hive memory, which can communicate throughout space (and, in some stories, time) to share knowledge and coordinate movement.

It also means a symbiote doesn’t really have a defined shape. The Venom symbiote tends to be more human-like, but it can change shape into anything it wants, whether that’s becoming a hulking beast or assuming the shape of Eddie Brock’s clothes to go incognito.

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