Oh, you want to get nuts? Let’s get nuts! Sorry, I seem to have gotten my Michael Keaton superhero movies a bit mixed up. Anyhow, we’re now diving headfirst into the absolute minutiae of “Homecoming.” If that earlier error wasn’t minor enough, we’ve got a couple more that’ll get your head spinning if you think too hard about them. One involves the heist staged on Stark’s plane, full of his personal effects. When the camera focuses on one of those familiar Iron Man suits, specifically the Mark 42 suit that featured throughout “Iron Man 3,” all sorts of questions are raised … given that, you know, Stark destroyed all of them at the end of the threequel. Once again, take it away, Miss Minutes:

“Hiya! Was that Tony Stark’s Mark XLII suit on the cargo plane headed for the Avengers Compound? That’s mighty strange, considering Tony blew it up while fighting Aldrich Killian! IF he rebuilt it, that plane crash just means he’ll have to build it again… golly!”

The next one has to do with Donald Glover’s small role as Aaron Davis. I’m sure everyone out there was shaking in their boots about the fact that the movie misidentifies his age based on his actual year of birth, so Miss Minutes comes through in the clutch yet again to assuage any concerns:

“Well, hello! Peter Parker asks the ‘Karen’ A.l. to run a facial recognition scan on the buyer he saw under the bridge during Liz’s party. Karen identifies ‘Aaron Davis, age 33’ — but calls up a file that says his birth date is April 19th, 1984 — which would make him only 32. Mmm-hmm, with data entry y’all can never tell which input was right!”

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