Daredevil will make an appearance in Marvel’s Echo, potentially assisting Maya with her quest for vengeance. The Punisher could either aid Maya in her vendetta or side with Kingpin, depending on how the MCU treats him as a hero or villain. Bullseye or Lady Bullseye may appear in Echo, either seeking revenge on Wilson Fisk or being hired by him to take down Maya and Daredevil.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe loves to tease fans with character appearances, whether in the middle of movies or shows or their best post-credit scenes. Over the years, nearly every installment in the MCU included some sort of post-credit sequence, irrespective of whether it was a major or minor reveal, with the majority of them featuring cameos of significant characters from the universe.

Echo is an upcoming MCU series that deviates significantly from the franchise’s prior shows. The teaser and trailer have shown that Echo will be centered on Maya Lopez and her desire to hunt down Kingpin, but fans are anticipating some appearances from characters like Daredevil outside of a minor end-credit scene. So, these are the characters we’d want to see in Marvel’s Echo.


It is no surprise that fans expected to see Daredevil among the characters that appear in Echo since he was already hinted at being in the series in its official trailer. Recently, a new clip from the series made waves on the internet, showcasing a fight between Charlie Cox’s character and Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez. According to the creators, Daredevil may appear in the second episode, although it is uncertain if he will continue assisting Maya with her quest for vengeance. In any case, fans of Daredevil are looking forward to seeing Matt Murdock in Echo before Daredevil: Born Again, which could significantly change the MCU.


Punisher influenced Matt Murdock in several ways but was never able to turn him into a killer. However, we cannot say the same for Maya Lopez, who was raised to be a cold-blooded assassin. While the series appears to be delving into her past, she will likely once again pursue Wilson Fisk, which is where Punisher comes in.

Depending on whether the MCU treats the Punisher like a hero or villain, he could either aid Maya in her vendetta or simply side with Kingpin, given that he owes him for getting him out of prison in Daredevil‘s second season, if that carries over into the MCU. The appearance of the Punisher would mark his official introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though they may save his debut for Daredevil: Born Again.


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Bullseye is the least likely cameo in Echo because the series’ sole objective is to sell Maya Lopez’s character to the audience. Still, there is a way to make his presence intriguing. At the end of Daredevil season 3, Bullseye underwent surgical treatment for a spinal injury and survived.

Knowing how Wilson Fisk killed his girlfriend to keep him under his control, Bullseye will not stop until he sees him dead. As a result, he may intervene with Maya and Fisk to carry out his own revenge plan. Unfortunately, fitting all these plot points into the relatively short five-episode series would be difficult, but fans wouldn’t mind seeing Bullseye appear one last time.

Lady Bullseye

Since Bullseye would render the series redundant, there is an alternative in the form of Lady Bullseye. Lady Bullseye has never appeared in a live-action series or movie, and while it seems doubtful in Echo, most of its premise revolves around the conflict between Maya and Kingpin.

Kingpin could hire Lady Bullseye to take down Maya and possibly Daredevil, especially since her counterpart, Bullseye, is still alive and seeks revenge on Fisk. That being said, there have been no leaks or glimpses to back up the speculation, so all we can hope for is a small cameo by Lady Bullseye to commemorate her live-action debut in the MCU.


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Other Possible Cameos in Echo

Marvel’s Echo

With Echo releasing under the new Marvel Spotlight in the MCU, which focuses on smaller heroes in self-contained stories, street-level heroes are gradually gaining recognition. So, while not necessary to the plot just yet, Echo may introduce some well-known, more grounded comic book characters.

Butch Parris, Wilson Fisk’s son, would be a possible cameo, and if Echo takes inspiration from the comics, he could be introduced to understand Wilson Fisk’s past from a broader perspective. Furthermore, we’ve seen enough foreign villains in Daredevil, such as Nobu and Madame Gao. Daredevil may have a small-time sidekick like Ayala for a change of pace since he will already be featured in Echo.

Ayala is known as the White Tiger in Marvel Comics, and her abilities are comparable to Matt Murdock, with superhuman strength, agility, and fighting skills filling out her arsenal. She received her abilities from an amulet passed down through her family, which would make her inclusion interesting, providing a fine touch of familial feeling to compliment Maya’s background story in the series.

We’ve speculated about several characters who may appear in Echo, but we won’t know who makes the cut until the MCU series is released. Of course, plenty of other characters could make an appearance as well, including those already established within the MCU. Echo will be released on Disney+ on January 9, 2024.

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