Marvel fan art imagines Henry Cavill as Captain Britain in the MCU, a popular choice among fans. Cavill’s future in the superhero genre is uncertain due to his previous experiences with Warner Bros. and the DCEU. While it would be a major deal if Cavill joined the MCU, factors like his upcoming TV show and desire to take a break from superheroes may influence his decision.

New Marvel Cinematic Universe fan art imagines former Superman actor Henry Cavill as Captain Britain if the DCEU star were to ever join Marvel Studios. 2022 was an emotional roller coaster of a year for Cavill when it came to his legacy as Superman. After returning to the DCEU in Black Adam, the actor announced that he was now going to be back as Superman on a full-time basis, only to have to retract that statement a few months later when James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy revealed that DC would be rebooting the Man of Steel.

While Cavill may officially be done with Superman, it hasn’t stopped the world from wanting to see him suit up as different superheroes. One of those popular choices continues to be Captain Britain, as new Marvel fan art by Buffy2Ville imagines Henry Cavill in the MCU as Brian Braddock.

Given Cavill’s heritage, Captain Britain has been suggested for the DCEU actor multiple times, even though the MCU has never fully indicated whether they intend to introduce that character in the main universe. In addition to Captain Britain, the MCU audience has also proposed that Cavill plays Sentry, who is essentially Marvel’s Superman.

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Given how Cavill’s DCEU era came to an abrupt end, it begs the question if he would ever actually join the MCU, whether it be as a superhero or supervillain. With Cavill’s career having skyrocketed over the last few years, it would be a major deal if the MCU were to ever tap him for a role. Seeing Cavill in MCU Phase 7 would be a neat way to kickstart whatever saga they are doing after The Multiverse Saga.

However, it wouldn’t be shocking if Cavill never joined the MCU for a number of reasons. One of them is the fact that Cavill is set to star and executive produce a Warhammer 40,000-based TV show for Amazon, with the game being one of the actor’s biggest passions. Another factor to consider is that Cavill may want to take a break from the superhero genre, especially after how rocky things got with Warner Bros. and the DCEU when it looked like he was back as Superman.

If anything, Cavill would maybe be more up for a one-and-done gig in the MCU without committing himself to a long-term contract with Marvel Studios. Even if Cavill never does another comic book property, his time as Superman will never be forgotten. But for now, only time will tell as to whether the MCU will ever get to see Cavill in any capacity down the line.

Source: Buffy2Ville/Instagram

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