Fans of the cult classic Disney series Gargoyles have successfully funded a Kickstarter project to republish the original comics, which have been out-of-print for over a decade. The Kickstarter project has exceeded its initial goal of $50,000 and currently has over $226,000 in backing, allowing fans to choose from different formats of the graphic novel collections. The second and third volumes of the remastered Gargoyles comics feature writings by Greg Weisman, the show’s creator, offering fans the opportunity to experience his vision for the characters in comic form.

A Kickstarter to republish Disney’s older Gargoyles comics has met its funding in a single day. Started by Dynamite Comics, the current publisher of an ongoing title for the franchise, the goal was met not long after it went live. Given the popularity of the franchise and the time between comic releases from the past to now, it’s no wonder fans want reprinted editions.

Gargoyles was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and aired from 1994 to 1997. It was created by Greg Weisman as part of the Disney Afternoon programming block and quickly became one of the most popular of Disney’s animated series from the 90s. A reboot is currently being worked on. Since the release of the original series, there have been a few comic adaptations and series based on it.

The newest Gargoyles comics include Gargoyles (2022), Gargoyles: Dark Ages (2023), and the newly begun Gargoyles: Quest (2024). These titles are all available from Dynamite Comics, which has been spearheading current Disney comic projects.


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Original Gargoyles Comics Return After Nearly 30 Years

Celebrating the franchise’s 30th anniversary, Dynamite Comics will be publishing remastered Gargoyles graphic novel collections thanks to successful crowdfunding on Kickstarter. There are three total volumes with differing formats available for fans to choose from. These include trade paperbacks, hardcovers, or signed special editions. The Kickstarter goal, created January 11, was $50,000. As of January 19, it had a backing of over $226,000, quadrupling its initial goal. Several other rewards are available for purchase to fund the collection’s production, ranging from art prints to limited edition covers.

The first volume collects Gargoyles #1-11 (1995) which was published by Marvel Comics. The second includes the eight-issue series Gargoyles from 2007 that was published by SLG Comics, under its imprint Amaze Ink. The final volume collects Gargoyles: Bad Guys, which SLG published in 2007, following up on the previous series. All three of these series have been out-of-print for over a decade, making their return a welcome one among fans of the hit cartoon. Now, with the success of the crowdfunded project, fans will have the opportunity to collect all the Gargoyles comics that have ever been published.

Gargoyles Is A Disney Cult Classic With Comics Worth Revisiting

This Kickstarter is one of Dynamite Entertainment’s best undertakings, as the second and third volumes feature comics written by Greg Weisman. The SLG series continued Gargoyles following its second season. This is largely due to creative differences between Weisman and Disney regarding the third season, which Weisman has distanced himself from apart from its debut episode. The rest of the comic series created a new plotline for Goliath and his friends. With the tumultuous history of the show, being able to read or even revisit Greg Weisman’s own comic run with his vision for the characters is a great gift to Gargoyles fans.

Gargoyles Kickstarter rewards are estimated to be ready in July 2024. The Kickstarter project listed by Dynamite Comics closes on February 12.

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