Marvel unveiled more details about the upcoming relaunch of the X-line with the reveal of a new X-Force. Joining Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, and Exceptional X-Men is X-Force #1, which will be written by Geoffrey Thorne with art by Marcus To, following Forge as he rebuilds the team with a focus on fixing everything broken in the world. He plans to utilize characters like Rachel Summers, Betsy Braddock, Sage, Surge, and Tank in order to accomplish his goals this July. 

Artist Marcus To described working on the series in the press release, stating: 

“When Marvel approached me to be the artist for X-FORCE, I was ecstatic. I was always a big fan of the X-books growing up, and to be a part of bringing that excitement to new and old readers alike was an opportunity I could not turn down. And the chance to draw Betsy Braddock again is icing on the cake!”

Like any good inventor, Forge is willing to adapt to new and evolving problems, and the team will feature a rotating cast member for each issue, serving as a specialist. Issue #1 is set to feature Deadpool as that resource (plus building in cross promotion synergy thanks to an upcoming movie). 

Thorne described the approach to X-Force, stating: 

“I cannot believe the reaction to my pitch with, ‘That sounds like X-Force to us. It’s a new vibe and a different mission, but it’s still X-Force. Looking at all the books coming out under this banner, I’ll just paraphrase the prophet, Sheryl Crow, ‘All I wanna do is have some fun,’ and looking at what I’m getting to do and what the others are bringing, I’m absolutely not the only one.”

Alongside the announcement, which kicks off the second wave of titles for the relaunch, Marvel also shared a look at the main cover by artist Stephen Segovia. 


Forge is Ready to Fix the Marvel Universe in X-FORCE #1


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 Forge is ready to fix everything wrong with the world in the newly announced X-Force, recruiting everyone from Betsy Braddock to Sage, and even Deadpool. On sale 7/31 from @Marvel. #XMen #XForce  Read More