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Orchis are panicking all over the place, with X-Men #33, X-Men Unlimited #133 and Avengers #12 in today’s Marvel Comics. Spoilers of course.

Final battles brew in X-Men Vs Orchis—Wolverine & Black Panther fight fiercely.
Mutants resist Orchis’ threat; Sebastian Shaw plays a dangerous double game.
Dr. Doom enters the fray with a mutant squad, hinting at a potential spinoff.
Classic comic callbacks and a major clash loom as X-Men face off against AIs.

The final days of X-Men Vs Orchis are approaching and Orchis are panicking all over the place, with X-Men #33 and X-Men Unlimited #133. But first with The 3-D Man working as an Avengers expert for Orchis in today’s Avengers #12.

And Sebastian Shaw and son, Shinobi, working both for and against Orchis in X-Men #133.

While the X-Corp are doing their best to avoid destruction from Selene and Gideon in X-Men Unlimited Infinity #133.

Maybe 3-D Man may be considering a similar deal too.

So as the X-Men deal with Orchis’ Devo…

And the Avengers gets around the contingencies placed against the X-Men rather than themselves…

Doctor Doom also wants to join in.

Along with everyone else…

With his own mutant attack squad. Spinoff amnyone? X-Men Of Doom may be trademarked, but how about The Doomtastic Four?

Last night, we noted how today’s X-Men #33 was making a reference to Uncanny X-Men #133 from 1980, a controversial comic from the time, over how violent a killer Wolverine was.

But also wondered how much more violent he would be these days, given that we have all become more desensitised to such.

Turns out quite a lot, it seems.

Leaving a drippy Wolverine. But it’s not the only person being hands on – or claws on – with Orchis AIM agents today. Black Panther in Avengers #12 has a similar approach.

While they are featuring the blades over in X-Men Unlimited Infinity as well. Which is also having its #133 issue. Man, that’s a weird confluence today.

It makes it a lot easier – then and now – if you can’t see their face. Scarlet Witch has her own methods that are a lot less messy.

Whether fighting against individuals or giants…

Of course this is all a diversion for the big fight…

It’s always been about the AI from the future and the AI Dominion from the past. The Avengers may be mopping up the sides but it wil be the X-Men who are right in the middle of it all.

X-MEN #33MARVEL COMICSJAN240971(W) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Joshua CassaraX-MEN X-SSEMBLE! If there were ever a time to rally the troops and take the fight to the enemy, it’s NOW! Stand side by side with the X-Men as they head for their final stand! They can’t stop ALL of us! Rated T+In Shops: Apr 03, 2024 SRP: $3.99

AVENGERS #12MARVEL COMICSJAN240913(W) Jed MacKay (A) Francesco Mortarino (CA) Stuart ImmonenThe FALL OF X comes for Earth’s Mightiest heroes! The Avengers have hung in space over the Earth, a sword of Damocles over Orchis, for too long. But knowing they had only one chance to strike, they waited while Iron Man prepared. Now, on his signal, it is time, and the Avengers only know one way to strike: hard! Rated T+In Shops: Apr 03, 2024 SRP: $3.99

X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic (2021) #133Published: April 01, 2024Writer: Steve Orlando, Steve FoxePenciler: Nick RocheALL HANDS ON DECK! Dani Moonstar and her team may have been able to repel Gideon’s attack, but not without taking a devastating parting blow themselves! Can Rictor save the day before it’s too late, or is the mutant resistance about to hit rock-bottom? Hang on to your seatbelts, True Believers – we’re going down swinging!

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“}]] Orchis are panicking all over the place, with X-Men #33, X-Men Unlimited #133 and Avengers #12 in today’s Marvel Comics. Spoilers of course.  Read More