Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for X-Men’ 97 episode 4, “Motendo/Lifedeath- Part 1”


The X-Men ’97 episode 4 features Jubilee’s video game experience and Storm’s journey with Forge.
The episode pays homage to classic X-Men stories with Easter eggs of Longshot, Dazzler, and Days of Future Past references.
The arcade-style gameplay and appearances of familiar mutants like Colossus, Cable, and Magik also add exciting depth to the episode.

Marvel Studios’ X-Men ’97 episode 4 features an exciting collection of dynamic Easter eggs and references. Calling back to both the original X-Men animated series and the comics, there are plenty of moments and characters for eagle-eyed fans to spot and recognize. Starring Jubilee and later Storm in this new episode featuring two stories rather than just one, there are plenty of exciting references to be discovered.

In the first part of X-Men ’97 episode 4, Jubilee “celebrates” her 18th birthday by getting sucked into a lethal video game designed by none other than the intergalactic producer and despot Mojo, and Roberto Da Costa’s Sunspot is along for the digitized nostalgia trip as well. However, the second part follows up with Storm who’s being aided by X-Factor’s Forge, bringing their stories together with tragic connections to the original comics. To that end, here are the biggest Easter eggs and references in X-Men ’97 episode 4.


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Although a live-action Mister Sinister was teased for Fox’s X-Men universe multiple times, the classic villain never ended up making an appearance.

13 Stuffed Longshot Toy

Mojo’s Original Leading Man

Before Jubilee and Sunspot get sucked into the mysterious “Motendo” console, a stuffed toy can be seen on one of the dressers. It appears to be none other than Longshot, Mojo’s original star and leading man in his intergalactic television series. Originating in the comics, Longshot made a few appearances in the original X-Men animated series as well. When he was last seen, Longshot was leading a revolution against Mojo. However, Longshot is nowhere to be seen in this new episode of X-Men ’97 beyond this stuffed reference to the classic X-Men hero.

12 X-Men ’97 References Original X-Men Season 1 Genosha Episode

Featuring Domino, Blob, and Sunfire

Eventually, it’s revealed that Mojo’s new video game is based on Jubilee’s past and all of her previous adventures seen in the original X-Men animated series. This includes an episode from the very first season where Jubilee, Storm, and Gambit were all held prisoner on the island nation of Genosha. With the government having turned mutants into slaves, the trio of captured X-Man were joined by other indentured mutants such as Domino, Blob, Sunfire, and more. However, the X-Men were eventually able to free themselves and their fellow mutants by the end of the arc.

11 X-Men Features Dazzler Reference

“Dazzler Had A Gig, Don’t Ask…”

In X-Men ’97 episode 4, Jubillee is somewhat flattered that Mojo chose her life to model his video game after. However, the evil intergalactic producer notes that she wasn’t his first choice. Wanting a big name to accrue as many ratings as possible, Mojo reveals that Dazzler had a gig and that he shouldn’t be asked about it.

In the comics and her brief appearance in the X-Men animated series, Alison Blaire’s Dazzler is both a mutant and a musician. In the comics, Dazzler becomes a major pop star in the comics’ universe as well as a beloved superhero. To that end, it seems as though she was somehow unavailable for Mojo, though the idea that Blaire “had another gig” perhaps fuels the rumor fires for those hoping to see Taylor Swift play Dazzler in Deadpool 3.

Colossus, Magik, Cable

The player-select screen for Mojo’s “Rise of Jubilee” game has Jubilee and Sunspot as the chosen playable characters. However, other mutants could have theoretically been chosen as well. Mutants including Colossus, Magik, and what looks to be Cable are featured on the character list. This particular trio has already been featured in X-Men ’97 with Colossus and Magik appearing in the first two episodes with Morph taking their forms. Meanwhile, Cable has already appeared in X-Men ’97 as a baby born in the present to Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor before being sent to the future for treatment for the Techo-Organic virus.

9 X-Men Wanted Poster From Days of Future Past

One Of Marvel’s Most Iconic Comics Covers

The first level of Mojo’s video game features a 16-bit version of a wanted poster with the faces of various X-Men. This is from the classic comic cover from Marvel Comics’ Days of Future Past where Kitty Pryde is sent to the future, witnessing the dark dystopia of the future where mutants are being hunted down and killed, including the X-Men. To that end, it’s a very fun nod to one of Marvel’s most iconic X-Men comics stories of all time (and one of the best X-Men movies with 2014’s Days of the FuturePast crossover film).

X-Men: Days of Future Past

The fifth installment in the X-Men movie franchise, X-Men: Days of Future Past, is a time-traveling superhero film that takes place between two points in time in the series. With mutants (and almost humans) on the brink of extinction due to the Sentinel robot menace, the last remnants of the X-Men send Logan back in time to stop the assassination of the man who created the Sentinels to save their future from certain doom.

8 X-Men ’97 References Classic X-Men Konami Game

An Epic Marvel Side-Scroller

Turning into a 16-bit sidescroller, Jubilee and Sunspot’s adventure very much resembles Konami’s classic X-Men arcade game. Taking down Sentinels and more foes as they travel to classic X-Men locations from the original animated series, Jubilee and Sunspot visit digitized versions of Genosha, the Savage Land, and even Magneto’s Asteroid M. To that end, it’s great homage to both the game and the original show simultaneously.

7 The Savage Land

Sauron Returns!

During the prehistoric Savage Land level, Jubilee and Sunspot take on Sauron, the pterodactyl man intent on ruling over the realm. Having multiple appearances in the original X-Men series, Sauron was a major villain whose return is very exciting, if only briefly and in 16-bit form. In the years since, Sauron has been quite heavily memed in recent years following a conversation with Spider-Man about how while he could cure cancer, he only really wants to turn people into dinosaurs.

6 Spiral As Mojo’s Tech Support

Once A Chief Lieutenant

Once the lover of Longshot and Mojo’s chief lieutenant, it seems as though Spiral has received a bit of a demotion in X-Men ’97 episode 4. After Mojo killed his tech support team for failing to kill a bug in the system, Spiral became the new tech support team all on her own thanks to her six arms. That being said, there’s no mention of what’s become of Longshot even with Spiral’s new appearance in X-Men ’97.

5 Old Lady Jubilee Is A Remixed Variant


X-Men ’97 episode 4 also features a new version of the future variant of Jubilee known as Abscissa. Voiced by original Jubliee actor Alyson Court, this older version of Jubilee was a digital beta version made to test Mojo’s new game, becoming the only one who survived, having hacked her way outside the confines of the enclosed levels. However, Abscissa in the comics is far more tragic as an alternate universe variant whom Mojo enslaves. After Mojo tries and fails to enslave the primary Jubilee, Abscissa “dies”, becoming erased from existence via a time paradox.

4 X-Men ’97 Features Arcade Cabinet

Available For Purchase Now

The final boss fight with Mojo himself sees the villain emerging out of a classic X-Men arcade cabinet. Remarkably, this looks to be the same classic design as the real-life arcade cabinet which has also been made available for purchase in light of X-Men ’97’s release on Disney+. To that end, the X-Men ’97 special edition arcade cabinet comes features eight classic X-Men and Marvel arcade games from the 90s and early 2000s. As such, it’s very cool to see one featured in the actual show as well.

3 Picture of Forge’s Old Team


In X-Men ’97 episode 4’s second story “Lifedeath -Part 1”, Forge is working to help Storm regain her powers. While working in his basement, a picture can be seen on the wall of X-Factor, Forge’s team of heroes whom he worked with in the original animated series. While their current whereabouts are unknown, the team featured Polaris, Havok, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane, and Multiple Man, a unique team of government-sanctioned mutant heroes who were featured in a handful of episodes in the original animated series.

2 Forge’s Dark History From The Comics

The Truth About Storm’s Power Loss

Eventually, it’s revealed that Forge’s designs were taken and used to create the weapon that stole Storm’s powers, a secret he initially kept from Ororo as a means to gain her trust as he sought redemption for his past working for the Defense Department. This mirrors Forge and Storm’s established history in the original comics which also kicked off their romance seen on the page, one that could also happen on screen assuming Storm can forgive Forge’s actions and his dark past where his inventions are now being used against mutantkind.

1 The Adversary

(Forge’s Demon)

That being said, the end of X-Men ’97 episode 4 sees Storm faced with the demon known as the Adversary, the other side of Forge’s dark past. During the Vietnam War, Forge used his shamanic abilities against the soldiers who had slain the men under his command, an act that inadvertently set this demon loose upon the world. To that end, it will be very interesting to see how Storm and Forge will handle the animated series’ version in the episodes of X-Men ’97 that are still to come.

X-Men ’97

X-Men ’97 is the direct continuation of the popular 1990s animated series X-Men: The Animated Series. Taking up where the third season left off, Marvel’s revival brings back famous mutants such as Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, Beast, Magneto, and Nightcrawler, who fight villains like Mr. Sinister, the Sentinels, and the Hellfire Club.

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