Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers a wide variety of suits, from iconic comic designs to movie adaptations, catering to every Spider-Man fan’s preferences.
The customization of suits in the game goes beyond just appearances, with color variants and suit styles that unlock different versions of specific suits.
The inclusion of suits from various Spider-Man media, such as the Symbiote Suit and the Raimi trilogy’s Webbed Suit, adds to the excitement and nostalgia for players.

With its pre-order content and Digital Deluxe Edition, Peter Parker wears 39 unique suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. These suits range from adaptations of iconic comic designs to recreations of movie costumes and completely original designs by Insomniac, offering something for every kind of Spider-Man fan.

The variety of suits on offer throughout both previous Marvel’s Spider-Man games was a huge selling point for fans who wished to explore Insomniac’s open world as their favorite depiction of the character. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘sgameplaytakes this customization even further, offering a selection of color variants through its “Suit Styles” feature, with some unlocking versions of specific suits that are closer to their depictions in other media.

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39 Advanced Suit 2.0

Peter’s Advanced Suit will be returning in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, albeit with a series of changes. Peter has added mechanical arms reminiscent of Otto Octavius’ ones in the Superior Spider-Man comic run. Some of the suit’s patterns have changed for the Advanced Suit 2.0, with the removal of the red and black webbing down the legs and the choice to switch the black outline on the red sections to white.

38 Advanced Suit

Insomiac’s original Spider-Man design first appeared in 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man and will also be wearable in its sequel. The Advanced Suit was created when Peter upgraded his costume following his fight with Wilson Fisk in the game’s opening moments and incorporated more rugged white carbon fiber pieces under the recommendation of his then-mentor Otto Octavius. There is also a black and white color variant for the original Advanced Suit available that resembles some of the symbiote mods for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered that were made before the black suit’s actual reveal.

37 Black Suit

While experimenting on the Venom symbiote with Harry Osborn, Peter Parker bonds with it, and his costume transforms into a version of the iconic black suit that first originated in the 1980s Secret Wars comic arc. The symbiote enhances Peter’s powers and abilities in every way, making him stronger and faster, but it also makes him more aggressive as it corrupts him. Insomniac’s design is more textured than other portrayals, incorporating alien elements reminiscent of H.R. Giger to make the suit feel otherworldly and alive.

36 Symbiote Suit

The Symbiote suit appears when players activate Peter’s rage mode during the mission “It Chose You,” in which he unleashes devastating attacks to wipe out large numbers of foes at once. The suit looks more like a halfway point between the Black Suit and the final Venom design, with a more jagged spider-symbol and sharper eyes making it appear more menacing and aggressive.

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35 Anti-Venom Suit

During Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s “Set Things Right” story mission toward the end of the game, Martin Li will use his powers to create the Anti-Venom suit for Peter. This allows Peter to not only fight against Venom more effectively but also regain his “symbiote” powers entirely. From a gameplay perspective, the Anti-Venom suit means that all the abilities players unlocked during their time with the Black Suit will not be in vain and can be used even after the game’s conclusion.

34 Classic Suit

Insomniac’s take on Peter’s classic red and blue suit will return in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Players started Marvel’s Spider-Man with this suit as they took on Wilson Fisk. While it was already a faithful adaptation of the iconic red and blue design, through the new Suit Styles feature, variants include a more traditional red and black or navy design closer to Steve Ditko’s color scheme when the character first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15.

33 Classic Black Suit

The Classic Black Suit is based on the traditional symbiote design first worn by Peter Parker during the 1980s Secret Wars comic arc. The variants also pay homage to the Black Suit’s portrayal in other media with the purple-tinted look reminiscent of the Ultimate Spider-Man comics and game. Meanwhile, the red and blue lit one is an homage to the ’90s animated series’ design. There is also an inverted one which is primarily white with black eyes and a black emblem, which is a nod to Anti-Venom.

32 Webbed Suit

The costumes Tobey Maguire wore in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie trilogy were highly requested in the first Marvel’s Spider-Man game. Although not available at launch, Insomniac included the red and blue Webbed Suit – named that because of the costume’s distinct raised web patterns – as part of a free update for the game around Christmas 2018. It returns in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from launch.

31 Black Webbed Suit

While Insomniac included the aforementioned red and blue Webbed Suit from the Raimi trilogy, the studio held back on including the black symbiote suit from the Spider-Man 3 movie. This was likely for the same reason the 2018 title didn’t include the Black Suit, as Insomniac waited to include this in the Venom-centric Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 alongside its version of the symbiote that Peter wears during the game.

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30 Amazing Suit

When looking to reboot the Spider-Man movies with Andrew Garfield in the lead, Sony opted for a design that would look significantly different from Maguire’s while still retaining elements of the traditional Spider-Man look. The Amazing Spider-Man‘s suit was made of shinier materials with a more athletic, sporty design featuring embedded webbing and yellow eyepieces that had been modified from sunglasses.

This suit was marketed as a selling point for the PS5 release of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered due to how its materials complemented the new ray tracing feature. It was also added to the first Marvel’s Spider-Man game via a free update and is included in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at launch.

29 Amazing 2 Suit

While Insomniac included nearly every major Spider-Man movie suit, there was one it missed: The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The suit from Garfield’s second appearance as Peter Parker was hugely popular, incorporating large eyepieces akin to those seen in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics and a more traditional design than the suit in his previous movie. Fortunately, the suit appears in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at launch.

28 Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit

Although Miguel O’Hara technically wore this suit in the Spider-Man 2099 comics, it was included as one of Peter’s costumes in Marvel’s Spider-Man and returns in the game’s sequel. While most media portrays the 2099 Black Suit as blue and red to match how the costume’s shading was printed in the comics, one variant actually turns the blue into black to bring the suit closer to its namesake.

27 Arachknight Suit

Peter’s Arachknight Suit was included as a pre-order bonus for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The Arachknight first appeared in 2018’s Infinity Wars comics as part of Warp World, a reality created by Gamora folding the universe in half and merging every soul with another. In this case, it resulted in Peter and Moon Knight becoming one.

26 Anti-Ock Suit

The heartbreaking finale to Marvel’s Spider-Man saw Peter Parker utilizing technology from Octavius Industries as he built an original armored suit to defeat his former mentor Otto Octavius. The suit’s black metallic armor glows with a yellow spider emblem and eyepieces, matching the look of the mechanical tentacles that Octavius donned as Doc Ock for the game’s final act. Although Otto Octavius doesn’t get involved in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s action as Doc Ock, the Anti-Ock suit has been included in the game.

25 Superior Suit

A suit based on the initially controversial Superior Spider-Man comic run is available in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The comic arc saw a dying Otto Octavius successfully transferring his consciousness into Peter Parker’s body and taking over the role of Spider-Man. Otto also incorporated four mechanical arms into his suit, which match the ones Peter has built into his abilities in the game.

24 Scarlet Spider Suit

The first Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly, played a role in Spider-Man’s infamous Clone Saga comic run in the 1990s. The divisive story contained many twists as Peter Parker and Ben Reilly both tried to figure out who was the original Peter Parker and who was the clone. Despite the Clone Saga receiving some criticism for becoming more and more overly convoluted the longer it played out, the Scarlet Spider character and suit has become a favorite for many fans and appears in both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

23 Scarlet III Suit

The second Ben Reilly suit is deemed Scarlet III in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This is because the second Scarlet Spider, Kaine Parker, appeared as Scarlet II in the first Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s DLC (but doesn’t appear in the sequel at launch). Ben had to redesign his Scarlet Spider suit when he moved to Las Vegas during the 2018 Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider comics run, “Slingers Return.” As Reilly didn’t have his original Scarlet Spider costume anymore, he had to improvise and took this one off a cosplayer in the area.

22 Homemade Suit

Peter’s Homemade Suit is based on his original design in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark showed a glimpse of Peter in the suit via surveillance footage when trying to recruit the young hero, but audiences got a better look at the design when Peter had to don the homespun look in Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s finale. The tie-in comic for Spider-Man: Homecoming added some fun details on how Peter put together this design with items he had lying around his home, including his Aunt May’s blue sweatpants.

21 Upgraded Classic Suit

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s Upgraded Classic Suit was previously called the Stark Suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The suit’s original namesake stemmed from the fact that Stark designed the more comic-accurate suit for Peter in the MCU. Peter then wore this as his primary suit throughout Spider-Man: Homecoming.

20 Iron Spider Suit

Peter’s Iron Spider Suit from the MCU returns in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Stark’s armored redesign of the Spider-Man costume was seen toward the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming as the billionaire philanthropist offered Peter a place in the Avengers. Peter initially turned this down, stating that he should look after his neighborhood for a while, but he donned the suit soon after as he ventured into space in his following appearance in Avengers: Infinity War​​​​​.

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