MARVEL FANS LOVE a good cameo. Whether it’s a tease for what’s yet to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future (like Thanos and the Infinity Stones in post-credit scenes), or just a fun mention of obscure characters for diehard comic book fans (like the many, many Lokis in Loki Season 1), Marvel knows its fans want callbacks and easter eggs scattered throughout their television shows and movies.

For the studio’s newest television show, Echo, there’s one major question on fans minds: where’s Daredevil? First portrayed in the popular eponymous Netflix series, Marvel has since announced that not only is Daredevil’s Netflix series part of the MCU canon, but also that there’ll be a new series following the adventures of Hell’s Kitchen’s best vigilante attorney in Daredevil: Born Again. There’s no word yet on where the character will go next, but we know with certainty Vincent D’Onofrio (Kingpin) will once again face off Charlie Cox, who plays the titular character.

Since Daredevil: Born Again still has a ways to go before release, however, fans are naturally looking at Echo as a spiritual prequel to Daredevil’s return. The two are closely connected in the comics, along with their shared adversary, Kingpin. And while the show is focused on Echo and her personal backstory, who’s to say Daredevil can’t pop up?

If you haven’t seen the show and really, really want to know, here’s how many episodes Daredevil appears in in Echo.

Marvel Studios

Daredevil in Echo Episode 1.

Sorry Daredevil fans, you’re not going to like this answer.

Although Marvel teased his appearance leading up to Echo‘s premiere, Daredevil only shows up in the first episode. And it’s not for very long.

In Episode 1, we see a recap of everything we know about Maya, including her first appearance in the stellar miniseries Hawkeye. We also see a bit about Kingpin’s past as well. Then we see Kingpin begin to train Maya to take on more dangerous jobs, and it’s there she comes face to face with Daredevil.

The two have a long and violent fight, one that Maya almost wins, in fact. But Daredevil still comes out on top. Afterwards, Kingpin comments on how well she did against the masked crusader, which is better than most would do. There’s no further tease for the future of the character, as the entire fight is supposed to have taken place in the past. However, it does set up that he and Echo have met before (and that Kingpin and Daredevil have a long history/rivalry), so there’s now a foundation for more interactions between the two in the future.

That’s all we get to see of Daredevil in Echo. While it’s disappointing, he’s set to get his own show in the near future, so there’s more Daredevil on the way for anyone who wanted more of Matt Murdock.

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