In the conclusion to the brief arc “Cobolorum”, Doctor Strange and his motley crew face off against none other than… Baron Mordo! It’s not surprising Mordo is making his move against Stephen, but this is far unlike anything Stephen expected. In issue #14, writer Jed MacKay and artist Pasqual Ferry deliver an action-packed issue that wraps up this brief story rather well. Additionally, Doctor Strange #14 sets the stage for not just one, but two upcoming threats for Stephen. With the upcoming arc for Doctor Strange slowly coming together, this issue also paves the way for Stephen’s role in the upcoming event, Blood Hunt! Altogether, this is another enjoyable issue that culminates in a lighthearted tale about defenders and dragons.

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The issue opens with the Secret Defenders catching up with Mordo just as he’s about to claim wreckage to Manhattan through the Rulebook. Here, the Defenders break out into smaller groups, with Hunters Moon and Taskmaster going after Mordo while Stephen goes off to fight a dragon. And Felicia? She has quite an important role to play, right when it matters most. Altogether, the pacing is split between two main sequences, both of which move at the speed of light. However, this makes for a more enjoyable issue as the building anticipation reaches a breaking point at the right time and the final act approaches these players.

This issue, like many others in this series, is overwhelmed with a kaleidoscope of colors. The story fluctuates between darkness and neon shadings of light while contrasting between the two main narratives. This is something that, while jarring at first, is successful in demonstrating the difference between reality and fiction (in fiction). Through this, Moore carries the weight of the mysticism through this differentiation. Meanwhile, Ferry perfectly balances the lighthearted moments with the ever-needed magical sharpness required for a fantastical issue such as this. Altogether, this is another beautiful issue from cover to cover filled to the brim with wonderful paneling and brilliant colors.

Once again, seeing Doctor Strange in a leadership role is something truly enjoyable, as he shines as a smart tactician whose compassion seems never-ending. Additionally, the ending reinforces the notion of this series putting a stronger emphasis on the Doctor part of Doctor Strange; all without him stepping foot in the operating room. Moreover, despite this being a lower-stakes arc in this series, MacKay still delivers a funny story with serious implications.

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“]] Doctor Strange #14 wraps up ‘Cobolorum’ neatly while also providing insight into what lies in store for Stephen.  Read More