Doctor Doom, one of Marvel’s most formidable villains, is envisioned as the main antagonist in an Avengers movie in a stunning fan poster. With Marvel Studios now having control over the character after Disney’s acquisition of Fox, Doom can join the MCU at any time. Doctor Doom’s history with the Fantastic Four and his role as the main villain in the Secret Wars crossover event make him a likely candidate to be introduced in the MCU, possibly even taking on the role of the Multiverse Saga’s main villain.

Doctor Doom gets to be the main villain of an Avengers movie in a somber Marvel Cinematic Universe fan poster. Doctor Doom is one of the most formidable characters from Marvel Comics. However, among the Fantastic Four movies pre-MCU, Doom was not as exciting as he should have been. Thankfully, Marvel Studios now has control of the character after Disney bought Fox, which allows Doom to join the MCU at any time.

On Instagram, @h_v_news shared a stunning fan poster made by @gcrdesignsyt that envisions Doctor Doom as an Avengers movie villain.

All the MCU’s Avengers movies have had exciting villains, ranging from Loki to Ultron to Thanos. Based on how powerful and intelligent Doom is in the comics, with him being a Fantastic Four villain that ends up being a threat to the whole Marvel Universe, Doom would make a perfect Avengers film foe.

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There are many elements that make Doctor Doom’s MCU debut look likely to happen sooner rather than later. Doom has appeared in every Fantastic Four movie so far. In 2025, the MCU will finally get to release its version of Marvel’s First Family, with WandaVision‘s Matt Shakman directing Fantastic Four. Doom appearing in the movie seems like a no-brainer, given his history with the superhero team across all media.

The villain could play a small role in the film to allow another Fantastic Four foe to have their time in the spotlight. Doom could then appear in the MCU in a major role in 2027’s Avengers: Secret Wars. Doctor Doom was the main villain of the 2015 Secret Wars crossover event in the pages of Marvel Comics that inspires the film, which makes the villain uniquely equipped to be the main threat that the Avengers will face in the movie. While Kang being the Multiverse Saga’s ultimate villain could prevent Doom’s role in the Avengers film, it seems like that might not be a problem.

A recent report claimed that Marvel considered replacing Kang with Doom due to Jonathan Majors’ arrest. If the MCU ends up swapping Kang for another major villain, then Doom would be the perfect candidate to take over the Multiverse Saga villain role from him. With the multiverse, it is now easier than ever to introduce Doom to the MCU, as the villain could even show up in a film like Deadpool 3, which is rumored to feature several cameos, with a past Doctor Doom actor once again suiting up, but now in the MCU.

Source: @h_v_news & @gcrdesignsyt/Instagram

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