The sovereign of Latveria, Doctor Doom, has forged many alliances over the years. While Doom’s might is considerable, he is also wise enough to know the advantage of strength in numbers. This has inspired the super-genius to create an army of armored cats, lest he ever go into battle against the many heroic cats of Marvel Comics.

Marvel Meow #1 details precisely how Doctor Doom came to craft a legion of regal feline cohorts. Written and drawn by Nao Fuji, the comic contains many stories centered around cats and cat-like creatures, like Captain Marvel’s pet flerkin. One of these stories finds Franklin and Valeria Richards acting as cat-sitters, while the cats’ owners are away on a mission.

Doctor Doom observes his goddaughter’s efforts, while checking in on the Fantastic Four. This leads Doom to ponder the virtues of cat ownership and how he might benefit from their presence. The comic concludes with Doom enjoying the company of four armored felines, flanked by two Doombots with cat ears.

Why Doctor Doom Needs an Armored Cat Army

(Image Source: Marvel / Steve Ditko)

There are benefits to cat ownership beyond the sheer pleasure of their presence. As the owner of a sizeable castle, Doctor Doom could certainly use several cats to help keep avert vermin infestations. Beyond that, Doom is well aware of the power that cats hold, despite their relatively small size.

One of Doctor Doom’s more infamous defeats came at the hands of an army of squirrels, commanded by a young Squirrel Girl. For all his power, Doom was helpless before the legions of small, furry creatures swarming him. Doubtlessly he considered the problem of how to overcome such an enemy, perhaps concluding that cats clad in his special armor might win the day. Even if such thoughts did not cross his mind, the armored cats are cute and suitable companions for one such as Doctor Doom.

Marvel Meow #1 is now available at comic shops everywhere.

 The knowledge that many of Marvel Comics’ heroes have cats has inspired Doctor Doom to form his own army of armored felines.  Read More