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Tim Miller, director of Deadpool and Terminator: Dark Fate, discusses rising superhero fatigue and the future of the genre. Miller also discusses his Netflix Emmy-winning series Love, Death + Robots. Finally, they talk about Blur Studio, the production company Miller co-founded, and its upcoming projects in gaming and animation.

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On today’s episode, Perri Nemiroff and Steve Weintraub sit down with the podcast’s very first guest, the director of Deadpool and Terminator: Dark Fate, Tim Miller. They get into the rising “superhero fatigue,” Miller’s Netflix series Love, Death + Robots, and what he’s got cooking at Blur Studio. You can check it all out by watching the episode in the video at the top of this article, or you can listen to it in podcast form below.

In light of recent news, which you can check out in yesterday’s episode, and the influx of Marvel and DC content, superheroes are a hot topic when it comes to movies and television. Nearly across the board, there seems to be a rise in superhero fatigue as more and more blockbusters are being cranked out each year. In today’s episode, Perri and Steve are thrilled to welcome Collider Dailies’ very first guest, Tim Miller, and his thoughts on the subject. Who better to weigh in than the man behind the first Deadpool movie that made Ryan Reynolds synonymous with the foul-mouthed, quick-witted hero? From the perspective of a comic fanatic and the director of his own superhero movie, our hosts inquire where he sees the future of this genre, what hasn’t yet been tapped, and which superhero movies in recent years remain his favorite.

Miller is also the creator, showrunner, and executive producer for Netflix’s Emmy-winning series Love, Death + Robots, which has been renewed for a fourth season. The show is an adult animated anthology that employs the talents of numerous animation studios to develop uniquely stylized shorts all connected by the three main themes. From the creator himself, Perri and Steve find out where new fans should start out with the series and discuss the wide range the anthology offers to viewers. They also dig into the merits of animation as a storytelling format and its changing landscape. Finally, the trio talks about Blur Studio, the production company Miller co-founded 25 years ago that primarily deals with VFX and animation and produced Love, Death + Robots. They’ve had their hands in the “story-driven cinematics” within the gaming community since conception, working on the Halo franchise, Star Wars, and Grand Theft Auto, as well as for movies and television. During the podcast, Miller teases some of the upcoming projects they currently have in development and how running a company has changed in recent years. For all of this and tons more, check out today’s episode of Collider Dailies at the top of this article or listen to their conversation in the podcast below:

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