While 2023 might have felt like a relentless barrage of Marvel content, with movies and shows seemingly pouring out every few weeks, things are poised to change in 2024. Instead of a breakneck sprint, the studio appears to be shifting gears, adopting a more measured pace to allow its precious properties some space to breathe and, hopefully, blossom.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Within this carefully choreographed schedule, 2024 promises to showcase a wide-ranging roster of films and Disney Plus shows, each set to captivate viewers with its unique blend of action, drama, and character development. From the highly anticipated Madame Web and Deadpool 3, here’s every planned MCU movie and Disney Plus show, to be released in 2024.

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Echo (January 10, 2024) 

On January 10, 2024, Marvel announced the launch of a new solo series centered around Maya Lopez, also known as Echo and portrayed by Alaqua Cox. This spin-off from the Hawkeye miniseries will delve into the character of Echo, a deaf assassin with the unique ability to mimic her target’s combat techniques.

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MCU’s Echo

Unlike the usual Marvel/Disney+ release schedule, all episodes will drop on the same day, giving fans a binge-worthy treat. And not just on Disney Plus, but Hulu too.

Madame Web (February 14, 2024)

The Madame Web movie swings into theaters a little early on Valentine’s Day 2024, thanks to some schedule changes. Starring Dakota Johnson as the web-slinging clairvoyant, the film promises a peek into a potential multiverse disaster. Johnson teams up with a powerhouse cast, including Sydney Sweeney, Emma Roberts, Isabela Merced, and Adam Scott, to navigate this tangled mess.

Sydney Sweeney as Spider-Woman in Madame Web

Dakota Johnson takes on the lead role as Cassandra Webb, a paramedic in New York who acquires the ability to glimpse into the future after a near-death experience involving drowning joining forces with Sweeney’s Julia Carpenter, Isabela Merced’s Anya Corazon, and Celeste O’Connor’s Mattie Franklin. 


Deadpool 3 (July 26, 2024) 

After much anticipation, Ryan Reynolds is set to bring his character, Wade Wilson, from the Fox Universe to the MCU in Deadpool 3, slated for release on July 26, 2024. This marks Marvel Studios’ first-ever R-rated solo film, and it will also feature Hugh Jackman.

The official image from Deadpool 3 features Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

The cast, including Leslie Uggams and Karan Soni, adds to the star-studded ensemble. Deadpool 3 is rumored to revolve around an injured Wolverine crossing paths with Reynolds’ Deadpool, and the two iconic characters team up to confront a common enemy. The combination of these elements has sparked high expectations, with some predicting that it could become the standout superhero film of 2024.

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X-Men ’97 (Sometime in early 2024) 

Scheduled for an early 2024 release, X-Men ’97 marks Marvel’s return to adapting the beloved X-Men franchise after reacquiring the rights. Acting as a long-awaited continuation of the widely popular ’90s series, the show promises to fulfill the wishes of dedicated X-Men enthusiasts. 

X-Men ’97

While it might not be sparking mainstream frenzy, X-Men ’97 is generating serious buzz among its dedicated fanbase. While the original series has its established audience, X-Men ’97 is poised to be a significant project for those eagerly anticipating its revival.

Kraven the Hunter (August 30)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is set to make his return to the Marvel universe, reprising his role after portraying Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. This time, he will take on the character Sergei Kravinoff in Sony Pictures’ Kraven the Hunter.

Aaron Taylor Johnson’s first look as Kraven the Hunter

The film has experienced a significant delay from its initial October 3, 2023, release date. However, this delay could prove advantageous, offering the opportunity for Kraven the Hunter to distinguish itself from previous Sony movies and avoid potential comparisons.

Venom 3 (November 8, 2024) 

Venom 3 marks Tom Hardy‘s return as Eddie Brock/Venom in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. After two solo films that built Sony’s own Spider-Verse and a brief crossover into the MCU, Venom is ready for another standalone adventure.


While the second movie, Let There Be Carnage, wasn’t a massive critical darling, it still pulled in decent numbers at the box office. This, along with the undeniable charisma of Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, suggests that Venom 3 has a good chance of succeeding even if it doesn’t reinvent the wheel. 


Agatha: Coven Of Chaos (Fall of 2024) 

After stealing the spotlight as the mischievous villain in WandaVision, Kathryn Hahn will be back casting spells and stirring trouble in Agatha: Coven of Chaos, hitting Disney+ in Fall 2024.

Agatha: Coven Of Chaos

Throughout the production process, the series underwent several changes in its conceptualization. Originally titled Agatha: House of Harkness, the show’s direction evolved, leading to a shift in the title to Coven of Chaos. More recently, there have been reports of another alteration, with the series now potentially being known as Darkhold Diaries.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year (November 2) 

Spider-Man: Freshman Year

Not much has been revealed about the plot, but it’s rumored to bridge the gap between Peter Parker’s radioactive spider bite and his big-screen debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Marvel Zombies (TBD) 

Marvel Zombies, initially introduced in a What If…? episode reimagining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a zombie-filled world, is set to receive its own miniseries. 

Marvel Zombies

The upcoming series is based on the Marvel Zombies comic created by Robert Kirkman, renowned for being the mind behind The Walking Dead. 

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 From the highly anticipated Madame Web and Deadpool 3, here’s every planned MCU movie and Disney Plus show, to be released in 2024.  Read More