DC announced two movies set to release in 2024, both adapting famous comic events from the 1980s.

2023 is a packed year for DC as it releases the final four DCEU movies of ahead of James Gunn’s DCU reboot, which kicks off with 2025’s Superman: Legacy.

However, DC’s 2024 slate is far less busy, with its only theatrical movie coming in October’s Joker: Folie ? Deux. The blue brand is expected to drop two Max original series with The Batmanspin-off The Penguinand Gunn’s Creature Commandos.

DC Announces 2024 Animated Movie Slate

Following confirmation DC would unveil news about its 2024 animated movie slate at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the blue brand has announced two new flicks set to release over next year.

Neither of the animated DC projects was given an official release date or much in the way of details, but fans now have a title and logo for both.

The animated movies, which are expected to be home release-exclusive, join DC’s only announced 2024 live-action movie of Joker: Folie ? Deux– set to hit theaters on October 4, 2024.

Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths


DC will once again adapt the Crisis on Infinite Earthsstoryline for a new animated movie after the Multiversal tale was previously explored on The CW in the Arrowverse’s final major crossover event.

Crisis on Infinite Earths sees Justice League heroes from across the Multiverse unite to stop the Anti-Monitor as he seeks to destroy all realities. As such, the event could feature characters from other past animated or live-action universes.

Although DC omitted any major details on the flick, it will likely play into the ongoing Tommowverse which will next be explored in this summer’s R-rated Warworld, starring Darren Criss’ Superman, Jensen Ackles’ Batman, and more.



The next movie will be Watchmen, delving into the DC mythos explored in Zack Snyder’s 2009 movie and a 2019 HBO series. It’s unclear if the animated movie will be a new tale in the Watchmen world, ala the HBO series, or a brand-new adaptation of the Alan Moore comic story.

Watchmen takes place outside the mainline DC universe and features a group of retired superheroes who have significantly impacted their world’s political landscape and are dragged out of retirement after one of their own is murdered.

What DC’s New Animated Movies Mean for the Future

As DC seeks to unify its content under one cohesive universe led by James Gunn, Crisis on Infinite Earths may be the film to bring an end to the Tommorverse.

In the comics, the heroes eventually defeat the Anti-Monitor by merging multiple universes into one new world, which became the focus for DC moving forward.

Although it may seem logical for the same to happen here, it seems unlikely Gunn will be looking to set up his new universe from a home-release movie, especially as DC still has more Elseworlds animated series on the way with Batman: Caped Crusader, My Adventures with Superman, and possibly a Wonder Woman project.

Nonetheless, Crisis on Infinite Earths, at the very least, may still close out the ongoing Tommorowverse which started with 2020’s Superman: Man of Tomorrow and will be revisited later this year with Justice League: Warworld.

It’s unclear exactly what DC has planned for Watchmen, especially after the HBO series told a completely original series set after the original storyline. Perhaps this may end up being a more true-to-source material adaptation of the Alan Moore comics, which have yet to be brought into animated form.

Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths and Watchmen have yet to set an official release date.

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