Originally released on Netflix over eight years ago and paving the way for other superheroes to finally have a moment in the spotlight that fans never thought they would see, the devil of Hell’s Kitchen continuously strived to save New York City from corrupt and evil forces.

Featuring other notable characters like Elektra, Kingpin, and Bullseye, Daredevil went on for three very strong seasons and also birthed a spin-off series called The Punisher which delved into the character of Frank Castle and his own personal path of vengeance. Ultimately though, the comic book adaptation audience became distraught and worried when all the shows were taken down in March 2022 when Disney recaptured the licensing properties.

Even though Charlie Cox already reprised his role in two different MCU projects and Vincent D’Onofrio brought Kingpin to life once more in Hawkeye (which is currently streaming), Marvel followers cannot wait for Daredevil: Born Again, which is the eighteen-episode reboot for the infamous and devilish comic book character.

The consensus is that this series will try to follow the dark and gritty tone that the original Netflix series had shown its audience. While that may very well be a thematic aspect that is a bit far-fetched given Disney’s leniency towards all audiences, a recent report from a reputable insider named Daniel Richtman shows that an eerie and supernaturally-inclined serial killer named Muse is set to be the villain of this upcoming story. Let’s take a look at this terrifying antagonist and see what his overall presence means for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Facing Off Against an Artist

Marvel Comics

First appearing in the fifth volume and the eleventh issue of the Daredevil comic that was released in 2016, this dark and mystical human being instantly set himself apart from other the twisted forces that roam the streets of New York City by leading Daredevil (as well as a vigilante called Blindspot) to an abandoned warehouse where he puts his artwork on display just for them.

Muse doesn’t create with paint and brushes, though. He created his first public piece with the blood from over one hundred different missing persons. If this wasn’t enough, Muse then resorts to somehow getting his hands on six different Inhumans, murdering them, and then posing the bodies in a vacant household like they were performing everyday tasks.

These actions alone tell you that the MCU is indeed going to be shaken up with this villain’s entire concept. Of course, we’ve had killings in the past (both on the small screen and the big screen), but the twisted behavior of this mysterious bald man will put Born Again on a whole different level. The Inhumans could be replaced with innocent Skrulls or teenage mutants who are scared about what’s going on.

Not done with his games by a long shot, the overall-wearing, pale-as-a-ghost villain then commits a treacherous act in public by kidnapping a judge, a member of the council, and two police officers. He brings them all to the sewers in preparation for his next supposed mural.

While Blindspot tries but fails to rescue these hostages, Daredevil himself treks below New York City and comes across a terrible scene. Muse has hung all of them upside down and is slowly funneling their blood. Now this may be a bit too harsh for Disney’s scene, but Daredevil slowly investigating a dark and dingy location only to come across a terrible scene could be catered appropriately even for House of Mouse standards.

Muse Knows No Limits

Marvel Studios / Marvel Comics

Using his skill of imperceptibility, the deranged Muse notices Murdoch’s rage and goes on to break his own fingers because that’s what he thinks Daredevil wants to do to him. In a quick sequence of events, the reader not only comes to see the level of insanity that is present but also, when the cops come to arrest him, they remove his mask, which reveals abyss-like black-colored eyes and bloodshot pupils. This picture has certainly lasted with readers for years since the image is quite nightmarish in nature.

One of the few story details possibly known about Daredevil: Born Again is that it will incorporate a recent plot from the comic series where Wilson Fisk becomes mayor of the city. This does actually line up with Muse’s timeline later on in his arc. Impressed with Daredevil’s crusade, he escapes from jail and kills twelve guards and a few police officers in the process.

He does not end up meeting his hero on the outside but instead, a revenge-filled Blindspot who ends up getting the upper hand in a fight. . . But doesn’t kill him out of pity. It doesn’t matter, though, because the artistic serial killer would much rather go his own way. Muse walks into a tall and flaming mountain of garbage near their skirmish and leaves life with his final words that note himself as “having so much beauty left.”

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While this villain is certainly not the run-of-the-mill type of baddie you would come across in the Kevin Feige’s MCU, Muse might just be what it needs to stay alive (even though the troubled character seems to be infatuated with death). We will have to wait and see what happens when Daredevil: Born Again begins streaming on Disney+ in early 2024.

 According to a recent report, Daredevil: Born Again will showcase a sadistic but artistic serial killer who will reign terror on Hell’s Kitchen.  Read More